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Reading Test Study Guide QTR 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Reading Test Study Guide QTR 2

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Reading Test Study Guide QTR 2
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Reading Test Study Guide QTR 2

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  1. Reading Test Study Guide QTR 2

  2. The test will contain - • Vocabulary – definitions only • Multiple choice based on questions covered in class • Short answer questions • One short 2 paragraph essay question • Articles covered are ‘difficult conversations’ ‘Accused’ “the Nose Knows’ ‘Guilty or innocent’ ‘Animal News’

  3. Words you need to know • Use a dictionary to find the meaning of – • negotiation synchronization Receptors • Unruly Detonated Escalation • Canine Regimen Legitimate • Accomplice Empathy Legendary • ObliviousMediator Acknowledging • Neglected Prospective sanctuary • frenetic dire humane • abandoned

  4. Questions – Accused • Why were Mr. Gregory’s tests legendary? • What does ‘little bubbles of anxiety’ mean? Have you ever had a similar feeling? • What was Marisa worried about? • Why did no one mess around in Mr. Gregory’s class? • How was Mr. Gregory oblivious? • What do you think ‘a rash of cell phone cheating’ means? • What was the accomplice to her crime?

  5. Questions – Animal News • What tasks does a volunteer at an animal shelter do? • What definition of Justice does the article contain? • Scan the heading ‘learning from loss’ Why is it called this? What are the important ideas? What is the most important idea in this section? • What award does Ariel get awarded? • How is Ariel’s pace frenetic? What does this mean? Use details • What is Ariel’s long term goal? • Rank the tasks she does from least pleasant to most. Why?

  6. Animal news continued… • Who is receiving justice in this article? • Why is this considered justice? • Of the animal assistance programs Ariel has worked for, which one interests you the most? Why? • What event in Ariel’s life led to her commitment to helping animals?\What does a selection about animals have to do with Justice? • Imagine Ariel never had a pet, how might her life be different? • What is the best expression for (5) grammatically?

  7. 3rd ConditionalIf + Past Perfect +would/nt have + V3 • If I had studied harder, I would have got a better result • Condition – If + I had studied harder • Result – I would have gotten (v3) a better result • Now think of five of your own. Topics could be music, sports, grades, homework, friends, family, vacations etc

  8. Questions – The Nose Knows • Why do animals work for biscuits? • What does spring into action mean? Who springs into action? • How many more times is a dogs nose more powerful than a humans? • What does evacuated the area mean? • How long have dogs worked with police? When did this first happen? • What different government groups use dogs? How?

  9. What are the different ways dogs’ noses have been used? (there are at least four) • How many basic chemicals are dogs trained to detect? • How many explosive devices can these chemicals make? • What do dogs need to do ‘to make the grade’? • How many lives have bomb detection dogs saved? • What does Pups for peace do? • What do bloodhounds do? • How are different types of dogs better at smelling than other dogs?

  10. Questions – difficult conversations • How does Patton define a difficult conversation? • Why are they difficult? • What are some cues the body gives you to let you know a difficult conversation in underway? • How are the words negotiation, legitimate, empathy and acknowledging used in this article? What do they help you understand? • What strategies can kids use to help in a difficult situation? • From what you’ve read so far, do you think these strategies would work in real life?

  11. Questions – difficult conversations • What does a mediator do? When should a mediator be included to help? • What are the good ways to start of a difficult conversation? • What is SCRAM? Why would students use it? What are the benefits • What is arbitration? • What is mediation? • How are mediation and arbitration different? • What strategies in this article will you use in the future? Why? • The article states that arbitrators are often retired judges. Why does this make sense?

  12. Questions – ‘Guilty or Innocent’ • What was Alger Hiss convicted of? • Do you think the trial took place recently or many years ago? • What happened in winter 1934? • What happened in April 1945? • Why do you think the USA was so concerned about people connected to the Communist party? • Why did Whitaker Chambers introduce himself to Hiss as “George Crosley” • What evidence led to Hiss’s conviction for perjury?