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Wireless Connectivity Solutions For the Internet of Things PowerPoint Presentation
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Wireless Connectivity Solutions For the Internet of Things

Wireless Connectivity Solutions For the Internet of Things

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Wireless Connectivity Solutions For the Internet of Things

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  1. Delivering MORE Together Wireless Connectivity Solutions For the Internet of Things Colin Zheng(郑可忠) TI WCS FAE Wirelessly connecting everywhere.

  2. Agenda Internet of Things Wireless Solutions Whatis the Internet of Things 1 TI’s Portfolio 2 Zoom in products – ZigBee, WiFi, BT4.0, Sub 1GHz 3 How to getstarted 4

  3. GPS GPS WiFi BLE BT <1G ZigB WiFi WiFi <1G WiFi <1G <1G NFC ZigB ZigBee ZigB BLE BT GPS ZigB ZigB <1G <1G BT PPW WiFi RF4CE “Internet of Things” Connecting Everything GSMA predicts there could be 24 billion connected devices by 2020

  4. The “Internet of Things” Three Major Hubs Internet e.g. Wi-Fi Mesh Gateway Mobile Hub • Bluetooth® • Bluetooth low energy • ZigBee® • 6LoWPAN • 802.15.4 • Sub-1GHz Wi-Fi Access Point • Wi-Fi *GSMA expects the number of total connected devices to increase from approximately 9 billion today, to more than 24 billion in 2020

  5. The industry’s broadest wireless connectivity portfolio: Supported standards 13.4KHz /13.56MHz Sub 1GHz 2.4GHz to 5GHz Satellite Bluetooth®technology Bluetooth® low energy ANT RFID NFC ISO14443A/B ISO15693 SimpliciTI 6LoWPAN W-MBus SimpliciTI PurePathWireless ZigBee® 6LoWPAN RF4CE Wi-Fi GPS Example applications Product line up CC1110 CC430 CC11xL CC1120/21/25 CC1200 CC1180 CC2530 CC2538 CC2530ZNP CC2531 CC2533 CC2520 TMS37157 TRF796x TRF7970 CC2500 CC2543 / 44 / 45 CC2590 / 91 CC8520 / 21 CC8530 / 31 CC2560 / 64 CC2540 / 41 CC2570/1 WL1271 / 3 WL128x CC3000 CC4000 Red = SimpleLink family of self-contained, wireless connectivity solutions

  6. Choosing the Right Technology for You Range Throughput 20 Mbps WiFi <2 Mbps <250 kbps BLE Zigbee RF4CE Sub-1GHz Bluetooth 2.4GHz prop Zigbee RF4CE Technology BLE Technology Sub-1GHz Li-Ion Typical power source Typical Topology WiFi AAA Mesh Star P2P Bluetooth 2.4GHzProprietary WiFi Coin Cell Bluetooth Zigbee RF4CE Zigbee BLE Prop Sub 1Ghz, Prop 2.4Ghz 10 100 10,000+ WiFi, Bluetooth Sub-1GHz 2.4GHzProprietary Range (m) RFID RF4CE

  7. TI’s ZigBee solution

  8. Why ZigBee ? • ZigBee Compliant Platform • IEEE 802.15.4 PHY and MAC • ZigBee is a Mesh network, security and application layer functions • TI ZigBee development kits arebasedon ZigBee Compliant Platforms • ZigBee Compliant Product • Product based on a ZigBee Compliant Platform • Can use the ZigBee name and logo • Can co-exist with other ZigBee systems • Interoperable if a public profile is used

  9. ZigBee Solution from TI

  10. TI’s WiFi Solutions

  11. Why Wifi? • Over 2.5 billion WiFi units deployed in the market today; 1 billion units/year projected starting in 2011 • Easiest connection to the InternetNative to IP and TCP • Full house coverage • Using 2.4Ghz – unlicensed frequency, used globally Internet Wi-Fi Access Point

  12. What is SimpleLink™ WiFi? • Universal IP connectivity enabled everywhere • The fastest way to connect an existing application to a Wifi router and the internet • Self contained wifi solution with TCP, UDP and IP on a single chip • Only 6Kb Flash, 3Kb Ram needed Video: SimpleLink connects your product to the internet Wi-fi connect your application!

  13. WiLink™ vs. SimpleLink™ MPU Applications WiLink requires ~1800+KB Flash; ~500+KB RAM Current Wi-Fi solutions (including TI’s WL12xx/WL18xx) are designed for Apps Processors running High Level OS (Linux, Android) Security Supplicant DNS Radio Control DHCP Client TX Processing SDIO API TCP/IP Stack RX Processing Wi-Fi Management WL12xx/WL18xx Wi-Fi Chipset Driver SDIO Driver MPU CC3000 requires 6KB Flash; 3K RAM MCU Applications DNS Security Supplicant Radio Control CC3000 moves nearly all functions required for Wi-Fi off the processor  Easier integration, lower-cost MCU and less Wi-Fi expertise CC3000 API DHCP Client TX Processing CC3000 Driver TCP/IP Stack SPI RX Processing Wi-Fi Management SPI Driver MCU CC3000

  14. SimpleLink™ WiFi from TI • Development kits • For MSP430, Stellaris and other MCUs • Smart Config • Smart Wifi pairing for embedded devices New Smart Config feature enables a device without screen or i/o to pair with a WiFi access point using standard Wifi mechanisms. WiFidevelompent kit Connect your product to a Wifi access point in a day! • Certified modules • Wifi, FCC/IC, ETSI tested modules • Wifi code examples • Only a few kB of code required! • Source code available! Basic WiFi application Tx/Rx UDP, ping Sensor application Log temp and accelerometer data Home automation Ajust temperature via Twitter Data logger Show sensor data over time • TI Module: • Wilink-tech Module:

  15. TI’s Bluetooth solutions

  16. Why Bluetooth ? • Commonly used in cell phones, computers and cars • Using 2.4GHz - unlicensed frequency - used globally • Application throughput up to 2Mbps • Used to transfer data or streamaudio

  17. Different BT use cases & TI products Low Power Sensors Data Music CC2540/1 CC2560/4 MSP430 32 Bit MCU CC2560/4 + + + CC2540/1 8/16 bit MCU • 1 year+ on Coin Cell Battery • No Apple MFi Royalties • Less than 100Kbps data rate • Supports new and old phones (BT and BLE) • Up to 3Mbps data rate • Use A2DP Profile to stream music from phones • Use with ARM Cortex M3/M4

  18. What is Bluetooth low energy ? • Low power: >1 year battery life on a coin cell • Low data rate: Application throughput up to 100kbps • Smartest way to connect your product to iOS devices and other BLE enabled smartphones, tablets and PCs Many brand products on the market already!

  19. Bluetooth Low Energy from TI • Most mature single-mode BLE solution: CC2541/CC2540 • First. Mature solution. Golden platform. Millions of chips sold. • Development resources for prototyping and development USB stick For PC connectivity BLE Sensor kit An app developer can access: IR temp sensor Humidity sensor Accelerometer Pressure sensor Magnetometer Gyroscope Pushbuttons, LEDs Available in October iOS app on appstore Source code available! BLE Key fob More than 6000 sold! Btool for BLE device exploration RF Packet Sniffer Power consumption estimator

  20. TI’s sub1-GHz solution

  21. Why Sub-1GHz RF? • Longest RF transmission range, more than 10’s of kilometers (“Wide Area Networks”) • Good range in urban environments • Full-house coverage with a star topology network. • Regulatory restrictions allowing the communication to be more robust (example: maximum 1% duty-cycle in the band) • Popular applications: home security, home automation and automatic meter reading systems Video: 25km range test in Cape Town, South Africa Best technology for robust, long range wireless communications

  22. Sub1-GHz RF solutions from TI Industry’s broadest and most advanced offering • Value Line vs Performance Line • Dev tools and sofware for eval, design and production test CC110L transceiver CC113L receiver CC115L transmitter CC1120 transceiver CC1121 transceiver CC1125 transceiver CC1175 transmitter Value Line DevelopmentKit! Performance Line Development Kit! • New features for more robust and lower power RF links SmartRF Studio RF Packet Sniffer Easy RF link test! DSP WaveMatch, no false or missed packets! RX Sniff Mode, <3mA!

  23. Sub 1Ghz Global Frequencies for your Product 315/915 MHz USA Europe 470 433 779 MHz China 426 920 MHZ 433/868 MHz Asia 415/433 MHz Local ISM bands Japan 433 MHz Africa Australia 433/915 MHz 433 MHz GLOBAL 2.4 GHz

  24. How to GetStarted Contact TI Get a development kit & demo Use below resources and this training to understand technology & applications

  25. ThankYou • Industry’s broadestwireless portfolio • World’s first single-mode Bluetooth Low Energy SoC 谢谢 • Online interactive customer community with forums, blogs and videos • 10+ yearsconnectivtyexperience • SimpleLink • Wireless connect any device! • Shipped • over • 1 Billion • Wireless Products PurePath™ Wireless Bluetooth® technology IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee® technology SimpleLink Wi-Fi® GPS 2.4 GHz Sub-1 GHz 6LoWPAN Bluetooth® low energy technology