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Welcome to the 2009 STAR Program State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell. Objectives and Agenda. Site STAR coordinators will prepare to Maintain Security – Increased Audits

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Welcome to the 2009 STAR Program

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell

objectives and agenda
Objectives and Agenda

Site STAR coordinators will prepare to

Maintain Security – Increased Audits

Assure standardization using correct, current, and consistent STAR procedures

Train site test examiners/proctors to conduct testing consistently

Conduct quality control on site procedures and related documents

what s new for 2009
What’s New for 2009

new for 2009

New for 2009

New for 2009
  • CMA grades 6, 7, 8
  • CMA writing: grades 4, 7
  • Reading writing passage or prompt aloud: acceptable accommodation
  • STS Algebra I, Geometry: grades 8, 9, 10, 11,
  • No CAT/6
  • Grade 3 demographics on CST or CMA; booklet must be returned for every grade 3 student
  • CAPA: New rubric for Level I
  • Answer document: A2, Special Conditions, “X” if student was offered accommodations or modifications, but refused.
coordinator s role in accountability
Coordinator’s Role in Accountability
  • Prepare
    • Precoding
    • Lists, lists, lists – Check, research, REPORT
  • Restore
    • Data Corrections prior to first day of testing
    • Late labels reflective of new students between precode and 1st day; change in assessment
  • Prevent
    • Document review after testing
administration train examiners
Administration: Train Examiners

HO 2

  • Distribute test materials to correct students
    • Be very careful with similar names – Check date of birth
    • Make sure students code correct EOC math or science test taken
    • Make sure students code correct test version number
  • Follow Directions For Administration (DFA)
    • Read “Say” boxes exactly as written
  • Students cannot go back to previous part of test
train correct coding accommodations modifications and variations
Train Correct CodingAccommodations, Modifications, and Variations

HO 2

  • Accommodations and Modifications are IEP-determined
  • IEP cannot exempt from testing
  • Variations for EL do not need IEP
    • Regularly used in the classroom
    • Score counted as is
train correct coding accommodations and modifications cont
Train Correct CodingAccommodations and Modifications (Cont.)

HO 2

  • Accommodations
    • Change conditions, but not measurement
    • Score counted as is
  • Modifications
    • Change conditions and measurement
    • Score counted as far below basic for state accountability
    • Score not counted as participating for Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

Code Back of Answer Documents(App K)

HO 2

  • A1 if irregularities
    • Complete form (Appendix C)
    • If CDE instructs, complete A1
  • A2 Special Conditions
    • Alphabetical order
    • “X” if accommodations or modifications offered, but not used
  • A3 Accommodations and Modifications
  • A4 Variations for ELs

Grade 11 Example

multiple choice tests
Multiple Choice Tests


California Standards Tests Examiner

High School

multiple choice delivery schedule inventory
Multiple-Choice Delivery Schedule Inventory
  • District delivers to test sites 5–10 days before 1st testing day
  • Site distributes to examiners
    • CST, Writing, CMA, STS day of test only
    • May distribute non-secure DFAs earlier
    • CAPA at least 5 days before testing (as soon as possible)
returning scorable materials
Returning Scorable Materials

HO 4

  • ORANGE label
  • Test materials for
    • Students enrolled on first day testing (including absent or exempted)
    • Students enrolled later and tested
    • Used grades 4–11 answer documents
    • Used grades 2, 3 test booklets (including CST or CMA for every grade 3 student)
  • Package CAPA on TOP of lowest CST grade answer document or test booklets
  • All STS under CST, sorted by grade
  • SGIDs for each test/grade, Master File Sheets for each school
returning secure nonscorable materials
Returning Secure Nonscorable Materials

GREEN label

  • Grades 4–11 test booklets
  • Grades 2, 3 unused test booklets
  • CAPA Examiner’s Manuals
  • Grade 2 DFAs
  • Special versions, including CDs, test question transparencies
  • Voided answer documents, booklets
eap essay delivery packaging
EAP EssayDelivery & Packaging
  • Required if English score is desired for CSU
  • ETS delivers to district 10–20 days before testing
    • Separate shipment from CST Writing Administration
    • March 4–31 administration
  • District delivers to test sites 5–10 days before testing after taking inventory of materials
  • Site delivers to examiner day of test administration
eap essay returning materials
EAP EssayReturning Materials
  • Scorables, MAGENTA labels
    • Separate return shipment, NOT return with scorables for Grade 4 and 7 CST Writing
    • SGID Sheet
      • Code Grade, Number of Documents
      • Do not code Test Type or Group Name
  • Nonscorables, YELLOW
    • Unused test materials
    • DFAs
eap essay answer document
EAP Essay Answer Document

Minimal demographic data required in sections

1 – Name, School etc.

3 – Date of Birth

5 – Student Name

6 – Gender

7 – Grade

11 – Student ID (if applicable)

12 – SSID

cst grades 9 11
CST Grades 9 - 11

ela math csts
ELA, Math CSTs

HO 7

  • ELA all grades
  • Math
    • Grades 2–6 all students take grade-level test
    • Grade 7 or Algebra I
    • Grades 8–9 math required
    • 8–11 EOC math test based on standards-based math course completed during school year
science history csts
Science, History CSTs

HO 7

  • Science
    • Grades 5, 8, 10
  • History–Social Science
    • Grades 8 (includes CMA test takers), 11
  • Code correct EOC test & version number on answer document
it s your
It’s your. . .

Time to shine


Like a

scheduling considerations best practices
Scheduling Considerations & Best Practices!
  • Promote positive attitudes
  • Middle of the week
  • Avoid days before/after vacations or important school functions
  • Mornings generally recommended
scheduling considerations best practices29
Scheduling Considerations &Best Practices!
  • One test session per day best
    • Consider the rigor of the testing sessions
  • Provide for all test variations
    • Test examiners must know what will be provided and to which students
    • Plan for the individual and small-group testing
  • Make use of all site and district staff
scheduling considerations best practices30
Scheduling Considerations & Best Practices!
  • Testing all grade level/subject area students at the same time during the same day best
  • Same teacher/same seat best
  • Schedule the time for make-ups

HO 10

  • Performance-based, one-on-one test for students with significant cognitive disabilities unable to take the CSTs (even with modifications) or the CMA;
  • IEP-determined
  • All tasks linked to grade-level standards
  • Allow CAPA examiners extensive preparation and training timeTraining required: new rubric for Level I Encourage sites to begin CAPA administration at start of testing window to complete on time
capa administer correct level
CAPA Administer Correct Level

HO 8

Students who repeat grade eleven for multiple years continue to take CAPA Level I or Level V until enrolled in grade 12.

capa observers
CAPA Observers

HO 8

  • Double Rating
  • 10% students randomly selected for each CAPA level at each site
  • Observer must meet same qualifications as examiner
  • Observer must be trained to score CAPA
  • Observer scores at the same time as examiner, but independently
  • Observer must complete and sign blank answer document which has been completed for student demographics
capa answer document

HO 8

CAPA: Answer Document
  • Signature Block
  • Pre-ID documents pre-coded as “Examiner”
  • Examiner signs
  • Observer completes name, signs, dates and codes “Observer”

who takes sts
Who Takes STS?

HO 8

  • Required for Spanish-speaking English learners (EL), grades 2–7, who either:
    • Receive instruction in Spanish; or
    • Have been enrolled in a school in the U.S. less than 12 cumulative months.
  • Districts may also administer to other Spanish-speaking EL in grades 2–7.
  • STS not to be administered to English-only, I-FEP, or R-FEP students
sts grades 9 11
STS Grades 9 - 11


Standards Based Test in Spanish Examiner

High School

  • Students also take CST or CMA
  • DFA “SAY” boxes in Spanish
  • Translation of demographics is in Coordinator Manual, Appendix K
  • Section 9a País de Origen
    • Optional
    • Only one should be coded
coordinator s challenge
Coordinator’s Challenge
  • Security
  • Communication
  • Quality Control
  • Communication
  • Positive Test Environment
  • Communication
scheduling considerations best practices41
Scheduling Considerations & Best Practices!
  • What will reduce anxiety in teachers and students
  • Schedule around the test
    • How can noise disruption be avoided
  • How will make-up testing be as effective as during the regular schedule
test parts
Test Parts
  • Each subject of the CST and CMA is divided into “parts.” Each part must be administered in a single sitting.
  • CST test parts SHOULD be administered contiguously without another test interrupting.
cst times

Test Parts

CST Times
  • Estimates of the time required by most students
  • Plan for students who might run over on CSTs or CMA

Site Coordinators’ Responsibilities

we thank you
We thank you!!!

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