the four spheres n.
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The Four Spheres

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The Four Spheres - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Four Spheres. By: Jeremiah. Interaction of the Spheres. Water (hydrosphere) falls from the clouds and into the ground (lithosphere) and they form streams. The land (lithosphere) creates erosion and it uproots plants (biosphere).

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the four spheres

The Four Spheres

By: Jeremiah

interaction of the spheres
Interaction of the Spheres
  • Water (hydrosphere) falls from the clouds and into the ground (lithosphere) and they form streams.
  • The land (lithosphere) creates erosion and it uproots plants (biosphere).
  • The hydrosphere evaporates and it forms clouds in the air (atmosphere).
  • The atmosphere can make rain with the hydrosphere and it can make streams with the lithosphere and make plants grow in the biosphere.
  • The trees (biosphere) make oxygen (atmosphere) through the leaves
  • The lithosphere means “rocky areas” and inside of the earth.
  • It is about 100 km thick
  • The movement of this sphere causes something called a continental drift
  • Plate tectonics are also part of this sphere we can tell if an earthquake will happen by plate tectonics
  • Volcanism brings material from deep interior of a planet and spills it forth on this surface
  • The lithosphere is on the very top of the Earth.
  • The hydrosphere is the water in the Earth.
  • The water cycle is part of this sphere because it is part of the water in the Earth
  • The hydrosphere consists of moving the water up to the atmosphere and down into the lithosphere.
  • The word “hydro” means water
  • The hydrosphere’s job is to keep control of the Earth’s water
  • The water covers 70% of the Earth
  • The atmosphere has four layers, Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, and Thermosphere
  • The blanket of air around the earth is called Atmosphere
  • The relation of pressure and height is if the location is high, there is less pressure, but if it is low there is a lot of pressure
  • The function of this sphere is that it protects the Earth from too much Sun
  • The atmosphere is a very effective shield for the earth
  • The air we breathe is made up of 78.09 percent nitrogen
  • Biosphere is all the plants and life in the Earth
  • The biosphere consists of all the living things
  • Scientists used the word biosphere to describe our living world
  • Chemical erosion changes on molecule at a time
  • Many things affect the biosphere in the earth, even today
  • The biosphere is one place where all the other spheres work together