welcome 4th grade sixteenth note rhythms plc n.
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Welcome! 4th Grade-Sixteenth Note Rhythms-PLC PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome! 4th Grade-Sixteenth Note Rhythms-PLC

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Welcome! 4th Grade-Sixteenth Note Rhythms-PLC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome! 4th Grade-Sixteenth Note Rhythms-PLC. By: Jennifer Masrud Denae Besel Jeffrey Leiknes Susan Colletti. Smart Goal and Standards being addressed. Smart Goal:

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welcome 4th grade sixteenth note rhythms plc


4th Grade-Sixteenth Note Rhythms-PLC


Jennifer Masrud

Denae Besel

Jeffrey Leiknes

Susan Colletti

smart goal and standards being addressed
Smart Goal and Standards being addressed.

Smart Goal:

85% of 4th grade students in music class will score 80% or higher on our sixteenth-note rhythm post test by March 20, 2013.

Standards used:

Strand I: Artistic Foundations

Standard 2: Read and notate music using the standard notation such as quarter, half, and eighth notes and rests, the lines and spaces of the treble clef, and time signatures.

Strand II:

Artistic Process: Create or Make

Standard 1: Improvise and compose rhythms, melodies and accompaniments using voice or instruments to express a specific musical idea.

our pre test listen
Our Pre TestListen

Circle the correct letter below that matches the rhythms performed on the recording.

our pre test continued notate
Our Pre Test ContinuedNotate

Create four rhythm patterns of your own using sixteenth note patterns... (It does show examples on which notes you can use to create)

our pre test continued perform
Our Pre Test ContinuedPerform

Show what you know and read the following rhythm patterns.

strategies to meet our goal
Strategies to meet our goal:


*Compose their own four beat rhythm patterns.

*Play 16th note rhythms on various instruments.

*Perform their compositions for each other.

*Practice the rhythms from the test.



Jeff met our goal but the rest did not meet the goal.

Effect Size: (In an assessment workshop that Denae attended we found out a way to find the effect size between the pre and post test to see if our students increased the learning. We were told that anything above a .4 means that we were effectively teaching the students the concept)

Jennifer's effect size: 2.33 for one class and 1.4 for the other class

Susan's effect size: 1.35

Jeffrey's effect size: 1.19

Denae's effect size: 1.59 for one class and 1.74 for the other class

  • Specific attention we gave to 16th notes provided mastery instead of just exposure.
  • New teachers to the district brought new ideas to the table.
  • Our students took this PLC goal seriously.
  • The active assessment was challenged by:


-Scheduling (limited time)

  • Our PLC group was cohesive, dedicated, and flexible.
  • We believe that PLC groups thrive when the members are:

-Like minded


-Focused on student achievement

where do we go from here
Where do we go from here?
  • Starting in earlier grades.
  • We need to provide more strategies to continually improve student achievement.
  • More opportunity to collaborate with music colleagues with an open mind.
  • Used our results to shape our future teaching.