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Individualized Medicine Pharmacogentics PowerPoint Presentation
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Individualized Medicine Pharmacogentics

Individualized Medicine Pharmacogentics

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Individualized Medicine Pharmacogentics

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  1. Individualized Medicine Pharmacogentics Right Dose. Right Time. First Time. Susan Kolyno, BA, CMA, Vantari Laboratory

  2. Why PharmacogenticsAvoidableMedical Problem700,000600,000500,000400.000300.000200,000100,000 Heart Cancer Stroke RX Car Accidents 2.2 MILLIONsevere adverse drug reactions per year PATIENTS ARE AT RISK 100,000deaths per year By PROPERLY PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS COST LEADER for Mal-Practice

  3. Treatment FailuresPrevalent in Disease states “Keeping in Step” “Do No Harm” Cancer 75% Alzheimers 70% Arthritis 50% Diabetic 43% Asthma 40% Anti-depressants 38% GENETIC differences in metabolism =Treatment Failure

  4. Poly-Pharmacy AlzheimerComplications in Prescribing Patients Taking More than 3 Medications AT RISK - 40% are over 65 More than75% of the population have documented genetic variations that increase their risk for ADR's. Medicines most commonly associated with ADR's are8Xmore likely to go through pathways with genetic variants.

  5. Avoiding ADR'sGetting Right the First Time Pharmacogeneticsis the understanding of how the genetic variation alters drug response. Cytochromes (CYPs) are the metabolic factories in the liver and intestines. Poor Metabolizers:Reach maximum levels very quicklyIntermediate Metabolizers: Half the highway is shut down, a patient can still metabolize but it is very difficult. Ultra Metabolizers: Have additional pathways, these patients never reach therapeutic effect. Normal Metabolizers: Have both roads open and metabolize close to normal.

  6. Changing the PatternWill YOU make the Difference? Interactions involve cytochromes: 2C9 CYP2D6, CYP2C19, and CYP3A4 Individual DNA varies in Medications and Metabolism Impacting more patients than Common Genetic testing. MEDICATION MANAGEMENT BASED ON PATIENT METABOLISM . More than 100 medications have drug to gene interactions and are identified in the FDA packet and black box labels

  7. Why Vantari?Focus IS On the Patient Vantaricenters it's approach on testing & hard copy resultsFOR the PATIENT. Referencing ourPartner CPIC, an independent consortium and 2014 date publication for physician results & poly- pharmacy recommendations. Highly complex CLIA certified.

  8. Getting Started No Cost Assistance Complete the simple form with your Vantari representative: SET A DATE MONTHLY - Book 10 -15 patients for an OFF day for screening. Representative will assist and follow up with billing or office management. NO OUT OF POCKET Compliance Regulated – Request Clinical Studies, Dossiers, access to CPIC.

  9. Test Results - Insurance3-5 Days Your screening tests and follow-up are billable.

  10. Contact I can provide case studies, clinical data and insurance information on pharmacogentics and the impact upon the medical profession that isNOW changing prescribing methods rapidly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or individualized studies geared to your practice. YOURVANTARI REPRESENTATIVE: Susan Kolyno 404-989-5084 Website: RIGHT DOSE. RIGHT TIME. FIRST TIME

  11. YOUR Vantari TeamAccrediations Nick G. Arroyo -Chief Executive Officer - Nick Arroyo earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology from Arizona State University. He began his career working in research in the Department of Gene and Cellular Therapy at the Arizona Heart Institute where he helped to develop an investigational stem cell therapy for heart failure and was responsible for the cell manufacturing processes required for obtaining FDA approval for phase I clinical trial. Sean Parrish - Chief Operating Officer - Sean Parrish is co-founder of Vantari Genetics and our Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Parrish's responsibilities encompass national commercialization of our molecular diagnostics services across the entire value chain from test inception through customer development and product distribution. Mr. Parrish has been part of the development, launch and marketing strategy for SimpleCF™, Vantari's cystic fibrosis carrier screening test. Mr. Parrish obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona. Shaun R. Opie, PhDChief Science Officer - Dr. Opie holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences/Molecular Genetics. He led all laboratory operations for an investigator initiated Phase I clinical trial using stem cells to treat cardiac disease and helped develop a proprietary cardiovascular disease gene data set for a publicly traded genomics company. In addition to clinical trial design and management for FDA regulated investigational new drugs and devices, Dr. Opie has over 10 years of operations management directing major collaborations with industry and academic partners in molecular diagnostics research and development. He has held adjunct faculty appointments in bioengineering and has numerous publications in peer reviewed medical journals and textbooks. Phil Lamb -Senior Advisor- Phil has a track record of successfully leading growth businesses into highly responsive, client-focused service organizations. He provides legal, financial, and strategic advice to the Vantari Genetic team. In addition to his role with Vantari Genetics, he is also a principal in Infinity Software Solutions, a leading Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Phil received his J.D. from Harvard Law.

  12. Thank You Right Dose. Right Time. First Time. Preventative Patient Care Susan Kolyno, Account Manager, Vantari Laboratories 423-790-7306 or 404-989-5084