Academic integrity cheating
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Academic Integrity… CHEATING. Warrior Wednesday. Is this okay?. I copied and pasted just a few sentences off the internet for my Literature paper. Your teachers say…. Sure, IF you cite it. Any thoughts that you borrow must be credited.

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Academic integrity cheating

Academic Integrity…CHEATING

Warrior Wednesday

Is this okay
Is this okay?

  • I copied and pasted just a few sentences off the internet for my Literature paper.

Your teachers say
Your teachers say…

  • Sure, IF you cite it. Any thoughts that you borrow must be credited.

  • Copying the work of others without crediting them is illegal. It is considered cheating.

  • Haven’t you ever wondered why there are credits at the end of a movie?

Is this okay1
Is this okay?

  • To help me out with my essay, I borrowed my brother’s paper from two years ago.

Your teachers say1
Your teachers say…

  • No, this is not okay under any circumstance. This is cheating.

  • Teachers are smarter than they look, especially English teachers. They can usually recognize the difference between your work and the work of someone else.

  • If you try this in college and get caught, you can be kicked out.

Is this okay2
Is this okay?

  • I missed two days of class, so I copied my friend’s homework to get caught up.

Your teachers say2
Your teachers say…

  • There is never a good reason to copy homework; this is cheating.

  • What you should copy are the NOTES you missed.

  • It’s a good idea to discuss the material you missed with a classmate, but your work should be your own.

Is this okay3
Is this okay?

  • My friend and I worked on a homework assignment together.

Your teachers say3
Your teachers say…

  • It depends on the assignment. It also depends on if you are working together or simply copying the work of someone else.

  • Working together is often encouraged, especially in math.

  • Splitting the homework in half and then combining your answers is cheating.

  • You can’t write an essay together if it’s supposed to be your own work.

Is this okay4
Is this okay?

  • I had too much to do and didn’t get a chance to read the book, so I just read the spark notes online.

Your teachers say4
Your teachers say…

  • There’s nothing wrong with doing some additional research on a book, IF YOU ALREADY READ!

  • Relying only on spark notes or other online resources instead of reading is considered cheating.

  • Using summaries from the internet is the same as stealing someone else’s thoughts.

Is this true
Is this true?

  • Cheating is not a big deal.

Your teachers say5
Your teachers say…

  • Cheating is a HUGE deal.

  • It can get you administrative discipline in high school.

  • It can get you kicked out of college. (real example: student kicked out of the Air Force Academy the day before graduation for cheating)

  • It can get you fired from a job. (real example: local firefighters cheating on their promotion exam)

Is this true1
Is this true?

  • Sometimes it’s okay to cheat, especially if everyone else is doing the same thing.

Your teachers say6
Your teachers say…

  • No, it’s not.

  • There is never a good reason to cheat.

  • It may be easy to convince yourself it’s okay, but it is not.

  • Adults sometimes think it’s okay to cheat, but they’re wrong too. (real examples: teachers cheating on the CRCT, Georgia Tech coach George O’Leary fired for resume fraud)

Examples of academic dishonesty
Examples of Academic Dishonesty

Inappropriate use of previously submitted work



Falsification of materials

Misrepresentation of documents

Selling academic or computer assignments

Possible consequences
Possible Consequences


Reduction in grade

Failure in course

Academic dishonesty notation on transcript



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