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Going to the Dentist

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Going to the Dentist - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Going to the Dentist. What does fluoride do?. Visiting the Dentist:. What is it like? Who do we see? What do you smell? What happens? Why do we visit the dentist?. Reception. When you visit the dentist the first person to greet you is the dental receptionist.

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What does fluoride do?

Visiting the Dentist:

  • What is it like?
  • Who do we see?
  • What do you smell?
  • What happens?
  • Why do we visit the dentist?


  • When you visit the dentist the first person to greet you is the dental receptionist.
  • They ask you to take a seat in the waiting room, until the dentist is ready to see you.
  • Then they will let the dentist know you have arrived.

The Dental Surgery

  • Does anyone know what we will see in the surgery?

Dental Surgery equipment:

  • Dentist
  • Dental Nurse
  • Patient
  • Protective equipment:
    • Gloves, mask, goggles, visor, uniform
  • Dental chair
  • Light
  • Sink and mouthwash
  • Napkins
  • Bib
  • Handpieces
  • Handpieces cart
  • Examination instruments
    • Mirror, probe, 3-in-1 syringe, cotton wool, tweezers

The Dental Nurse:

  • Collects you from the waiting room.
  • Takes you to the surgery.
  • Assists the dentist:
    • Hands instruments to the dentist
    • Adds to your notes
    • Supports the dentist during any treatment

The Dentist

  • Will ask if you’ve had any problems or any painful teeth.
  • Will check you are comfortable before looking in your mouth.

The Patient:

  • Here is someone having their teeth checked by the dentist:

The treatment:

  • Suction takes saliva away
  • The dentist uses a mirror and explorer/probe to look around the mouth
  • The dentist calls out numbers and letters to the nurse
  • These are codes for your teeth
  • The nurse notes this information on your dental record card.

Protective Equipment 1:

  • The dental team must wear protective equipment to protect themselves and their patients from bacteria:

Protective Equipment 2:

  • As well as gloves, mask and visor, the dentist will also wear protective clothing.
  • The uniform must only be worn in the dental surgery to prevent the spread of bacteria.

The Dental Chair:

  • The dental chair can be moved into many positions.
  • This is so the dentist can see into the back of your mouth.
  • It is controlled by a foot pedal.
  • It has accessory ‘arms’ to help the dentist.

The Light:

  • Is very bright and has plastic covers to stop the spread of bacteria from patient to patient.

The Mouthwash and Sink:

  • The dentist may ask you to rinse your mouth and spit into the bowl.
  • These are used more often when you are having a filling or similar treatment.

Handpiece and handpiece cart:

  • During a check up the dentist is unlikely to use anything from the handpiece cart.
  • These are mainly used for fillings.

Examination Instruments:

  • Mouth mirror – lets the dentist see every part of your mouth!
  • Explorer (probe) – to feel your teeth with
  • Cotton wool – soaks up saliva to help the dentist see more clearly.
  • The 3-in-1 tip puffs air & sprays water.

The Team at work:

  • A dental check only takes a few minutes.