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Mission Priority One

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Mission Priority One. Making Missions a Priority in the local church. Four objectives to being a Mission Priority One Church. Praying Discipling Giving Educating. Praying. Pray for the over 700 Missionaries that have been sent by the Church of the Nazarene.

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mission priority one

Mission Priority One

Making Missions a Priority in the local church


Pray for the over 700 Missionaries that have been sent by the Church of the Nazarene.

Pray for the nearly 200 Missionary Children that are sharing the word with their friends.

Pray for over 250 Mission Corps Volunteers around the world.

Pray for the over 100 Youth in Mission students who are learning first hand about missions.

Pray for Nazarene ministers and Nazarene Churches in 159 World Areas


Disciple by involving teens and children into your mission services;

Pass out Mission Books

Help collect a Mission Offering

Allow them to lead a Mission Meeting

Lead in prayer

Engage them in Children’s Church and Teen Group

Have them do a drama, or dramatic reading

Develop a local Mission Project with children and teens as the leaders.


By Giving you are a part of a family that has given to help;

337 Retired Missionaries pensions

$24,825,716 for Approved Mission Specials

WEF overpayment was $4.4 million

Missionary Health Care provided $427,826 in medical assistance to Nazarene Missionaries.

$2,118,184 was given in Deputation Offerings for Missionaries around the world.

10,370 children are supported through Child Development Centers.


Learning about missions is important because with your praying, discipling and giving the Church can help those who are called;

5 Graduate Seminaries

33 Undergraduate Bible/Theological Colleges

13 Liberal Arts Institutions

2 Nurses Training Colleges

1 Education College

60 Medical Clinics and Hospitals


Local Mission Priority One requirements are:

The church prayed for missions.

2. The church discipled and involved children and youth in local and global missions.

3. The church gave at least 5.5 percent of current income for the WEF.

4. The church participated* in each of the four education categories that follow:

a. NMI missions books/tapes/CDs

b. Missions service projects and/or hands-on missions activities

c. Missions speakers

d. Multimedia missions resources and/or missions publications/communications

* “Participate” is defined as involvement in one or more activities in each category.


“Our Church is a missionary church. It knows no difference between home and foreign fields – in these days all fields are near”

– Dr. Phineas F. Bresee