A comprehensive survey on the oc class at picnic point public school
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A comprehensive survey on the OC class at Picnic Point Public School. Census ’97. At a Glance. Age. Over half the class is 11 years old. Place of Origin. Country of Origin. Suburb. Technology. Tamagochi. Computer. Cars. On average, a family has 2 cars. Pets. Sydney’s Second Airport.

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At a glance
At a Glance Public School

Age Public School

  • Over half the class is 11 years old

Place of origin
Place of Origin Public School

Country of origin
Country of Origin Public School

Suburb Public School

Technology Public School



Cars Public School

  • On average, a family has 2 cars

Pets Public School

Personal characteristics
Personal Characteristics Public School

Hair Colour

Eye Colour

Types of music
Types of Music Public School

Musical groups
Musical Groups Public School

Movies Public School

Television shows
Television Shows Public School

Comedy shows
Comedy Shows Public School

Computer software
Computer Software Public School

Windows versions
Windows Versions Public School

Favourite colour
Favourite Colour Public School

Band and choir
Band and Choir Public School

Musical instruments
Musical Instruments Public School

Coaching Public School

Occupation Public School

2007 postscript
2007 Postscript Public School

  • The original document mentioned Daniel Nguyen in the acknowledgements. I thank him again for digitising the document after somehow managing to find it after all these years.

  • Some of the percentages are so small that they could not have possibly come from a survey of 25 people… which leads me to think that in some questions, respondents were allowed to choose more than one response, which invalidates the use of pie charts pretty badly.

  • On a similar note, some of the responses ended up being much smaller than the “Other” category, so I have taken the liberty of merging them into the “Other” category.

  • The numbers used in this presentation are by no means accurate. For quite a few charts, I simply held up my old faded protractor against the screen and measured the angles.