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V ocabulary
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  1. Vocabulary Group 15

  2. captivekaptiv N danger Someone captured and held prisoner The terrorists held four captives hostage to try to force the government to meet their demands.

  3. flammableflamuhbuhl A danger Easily catching on fire At a concert, the highly flammable soundproofing foam caught on fire, injuring hundreds of fans.

  4. jeopardyje puhr dee0 N danger Danger I knew I was in jeopardy of losing my job when I arrived late after the boss had already issued a warning.

  5. perilper uhl N danger Danger When hiking on the snow-covered mountain, we faced the perils of landslides and snowstorms.

  6. plummetpluhmuht V danger To fall suddenly When the plane’s left wing was damaged, the plane plummeted to the ground, leaving passengers and crew no time to respond.

  7. predicamentpri di kuhmuhnt N danger A difficult or dangerous situation When my car ran out of gas on the country road late at night, I knew I was in a predicament.

  8. woewo N danger Deep suffering or difficulty When I got laid off from my job and used all my savings, I suffered economic woes for several months before I found a new job.

  9. conspicuouskuhnspikyuhwuhs A danger Obvious or in plain sight Carl’s neon-yellow shirt made him very conspicuous and easy to spot in the crowd.

  10. detectdi tekt V visible To discover or find out If you detect the odor of gas in your house, you should leave the house immediately and call the fire department.

  11. exhibitigzibuht V visible To show or display publicly At the museum, a special collection of paintings from private collections were being exhibit during the month of May.

  12. glaregler N visible 1) A bright, harsh light or 2) an angry stare After rehearsing for hours, the glare of the stage lights gave me a headache.