Mps aspects commissioning of the blm system
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MPS aspects Commissioning of the BLM system - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MPS aspects Commissioning of the BLM system. B. Dehning, E.B Holzer, L. Ponce. Outline. Quick overview of the BLM system Interfaces with the MPS (& with others) Conditions for triggering a beam dump Test procedures without beam Test Procedures with beam. BLM system: Quick overview.

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Mps aspects commissioning of the blm system

MPS aspects Commissioning of the BLM system

B. Dehning, E.B Holzer, L. Ponce


  • Quick overview of the BLM system

  • Interfaces with the MPS (& with others)

  • Conditions for triggering a beam dump

  • Test procedures without beam

  • Test Procedures with beam

BLM system: Quick overview

Main components of the system:

  • 3700 Detectors

  • Current to Frequency Converters (CFCs)

  • Analogue to Digital Converters (ADCs)

  • Tunnel FPGAs radiation tolerant.

  • Communication links: Gigabit Optical Links.

  • Surface FPGAs.

Interfaces with equipments not mps 1 3
Interfaces with Equipments (not MPS) (1/3)

  • With Collimator:

    • Trigger for collimator acquisition

  • With SIS:

    • Threshold comparison between database and front-end: test exchange of signal + logic for beam dump

  • With BI timing system (BOBR,MBST)

    • Trigger for logging, PM, XPOC

  • With Timing system:

    • Beam-Energy signal

Interfaces with equipments 2 3
Interfaces with Equipments (2/3)

  • With the BIS:

    • interlocks from each monitor concentrated in 2 User_Permit (maskable + unmaskable) sent to 2 CIBU per octant (maskable + unmaskable)

    • Input : Beam-Info signal for tests















Interfaces with equipments 3 3
Interfaces with Equipments (3/3)

  • With LBDS:

    • Direct hardwired monitors : last protection in case of failure of the standard BLMs or BIS system itself

    • 2 monitors per beam (on TCDQ and TCSG)

    • Analog and fixed adjustment of threshold

Conditions for a beam dump request
Conditions for a Beam Dump Request

  • User_Permit = “FALSE” if:

    • One of the 12 running sum signal over thresholds (during the fill)

    • Thresholds comparison between DB and front end failed (before the fill)

    • Failure of one of periodic test : lost channel (before the fill)

    • Test mode of BLM (before the fill)

Individual system test hwc
Individual System test (HWC)

  • validation of connectivity and positions FOR ALL IONISATION CHAMBERS

    • Functional tests of the different components at reception

    • Current source test : connection of the chamber, after installation

    • Radioactive source test : all chain check, after every shut-down

  • Test to be performed for SIL level:

    • Continuous check of the electronics in the tunnel (10 pA test)

    • Continuous check of the connectivity (optical line comparison)

    • Check connectivity from the chamber to the surface combiner card before every fill (HV modulation)

Tests overview
Tests Overview


Tunnel electronics

Surface electronics


Functional tests

Barcode check

Current source test (last installation step)

Radioactive source test (before start-up)

HV modulation test (implemented)

User_Permit check

User Beam Permit check

10 pA test

Double optical line comparison (implemented)

Channel assignment SW checks

Inspection frequency:

ReceptionInstallation and yearly maintenanceBefore (each) fillParallel with beam

Individual system test hwc1
Individual System test (HWC)

  • Direct interlock with LBDS:

    • radiation source test, yearly maintenance

    • Cross calibration with the standard BLM at the same location

  • Concerning the BIS Interfaces:

    • Integration in the BIC commissioning

Test during cold check out
Test during cold check-out

  • Test of the interface with the sequencer:

    • Trigger of the periodic tests

    • Not to be repeated

  • Threshold value check:

    • To be done before every fill

    • Changing beam energy signal with the combiner card to check the thresholds table dependency with energy

    • About 30 s needed before the fill

  • Test of the threshold comparison:

    • to be done before every LHC start up and after every change of firm ware

Test procedures with beam 1 3
Test procedures with beam (1/3)

  • MPS functionality of the BLM:

    • Decrease thresholds to low value to force a dump with low level of losses (to avoid quench)

    • Frequency : After each shut-down

    • Conditions for the test: 450 GeV circulating beam, remote change of the threshold or dedicated MD time

    • Occurrence: 1 critical location/octant ??

    • Objective: Measure delay of the whole chain between loss detection and dumped beam

Test procedures with beam 2 3
Test procedures with beam (2/3)

  • Provoked quench to check shower and quench level simulation at 450 GeV:

    • Steer the beam to the SC magnet

    • Frequency: during sector test

    • About 10 quenches of different magnets (MQM, MQTL, MQ and MB)

    • at 450 GeV, pilot up to 43 bunches

      To be re-discussed in the new context of 2007 sector test

Test procedures with beam 2 31
Test procedures with beam (2/3)

  • More tests to be discussed:

    • Test with beam on TCDQ for direct LBDS BLM interlock?

    • Provoked quench for beam 1 : NO

    • Provoked quench at 7 TeV : YES

      • During initial commissioning