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Self Storage Unit - How To Use Them PowerPoint Presentation
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Self Storage Unit - How To Use Them

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Self Storage Unit - How To Use Them
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Self Storage Unit - How To Use Them

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  2. Self Storage has quickly become the ideal service for both families and businesses, as they become more aware of the advantages they bring. The versatility of self storage units has kept them in such high demand, that there are now have over 3000 storage facilities across Australia, with more on the way.

  3. SOME OF THE DIFFERENT USES OF A SELF STORAGE UNIT - • Storing your Clutter • Storing Your Documents • Storing Your Car, Trailer or Boat • Storing Your Business Inventory • Storing Your Precious Wine • Storing While Renovating • Selling Your Home Property • Self Storage Can Act Like Personal Warehouse • Tools and Machinery • Items Not Used On Regular Basis

  4. STORING YOUR CLUTTER At Hills Self Storage, we have units that are perfect when spring cleaning your home or garage, and storing your seasonal sporting gear and Christmas decorations.

  5. STORING YOUR DOCUMENTS Small business owners know the benefits of a tidy work space. Renting a self storage unit is the perfect option to store your work and tax documents off site, saving valuable office space.

  6. STORING YOUR CAR, TRAILER OR BOAT Hills Self Storage provides vehicle storage options to store your car, boat or trailer in a safe and secure location, freeing up more space at home.

  7. STORING YOUR BUSINESS INVENTORY Small businesses are often in need of more space to help keep inventory. Using a self storage unit is cheaper than hiring more office space, and is perfect for reps and distributors to access as they need to. Visit For More Information

  8. STORING YOUR PRECIOUS WINE Everybody loves to have their own wine collection. Hills Self Storage boasts one of the best wine storage options in Australia. You can easily access your own climate-controlled wine storage unit that is safe and clean.

  9. STORING WHILE RENOVATING Renovation When upgrading or renovating your home, you can use Hills Self Storage units to storage your furniture, vases and artwork. This clears your home, so you can get busy building, painting and creating your dream house.

  10. SELLING YOUR HOME PROPERTY A messy home can make it feel small, and could keep buyers away. Keeping all household clutter in a storage unit will give your home a spacious appearance, making it attractive to potential buyers.

  11. SELF STORAGE CAN ACT LIKE PERSONAL WAREHOUSE A self storage unit can act as a personal warehouse. And it comes with added bonuses, such as receiving deliveries, after-hours access and extra security. This can help you make your workplace more productive.

  12. TOOLS AND MACHINERY A self storage unit is a great place for all your tools and machinery, keeping it safe and with easy access. Perfect for trades people or the busy handyman.

  13. ITEMS NOT USED ON REGULAR BASIS These days you will always find items lying around the house that don’t get used very often. A self storage unit is the perfect place for items such as, lawn mowers, building materials, power tools and seasonal items like gardening equipment that you can store over the winter.

  14. ABOUT HILLS SELF STORAGE • Hills Self Storage is a family owned and run business that started at Galston in 2001. In January 2009 we opened our second facility in Castle Hill and February 2013 we purchased Store more Kings Park / Black town. • we take pride in providing high quality service and value for money storage options. All 3 sites are state of the art in design and construction and provide some of the best storage facilities in the country. • As a family owned and run self storage business and one of the newest and best in Sydney you can rest assured your goods are being stored in the best possible environment. So if it is for Personal Storage, Business Storage, Car Storage, Boat Storage, Caravan Storage or Wine Storage we pride ourselves on having the solution to suit.