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Using your new projector

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Using your new projector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using your new projector. Powering on the Projector. Push the power button on the control panel. You should hear a chirp . If you do not hear a chirp, you may need to push the power button another time or two. (This is normal) Do not hold down the button. Powering on the Projector.

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Presentation Transcript
powering on the projector
Powering on the Projector
  • Push the power button on the control panel.
  • You should hear a chirp .
  • If you do not hear a chirp, you may need to push the power button another time or two. (This is normal)
  • Do not hold down the button.
powering on the projector1
Powering on the Projector
  • Look for blue lights on the projector when the power is on.
  • Allow a minute or two for the projector to fully illuminate.
  • Do not panic if the image is off center. It will auto-adjust.
powering on the projector2
Powering on the Projector
  • A single, flashing blue light indicates that the projector may be powered on.
  • A single, solid blue light indicates that the projector is cooling and may not be powered on until the cooling cycle is complete.
powering off the projector
Powering off the Projector
  • Push the power button twice.
  • Look for a single blue light as the projector cools.
  • You will not be able to turn the projector back on until it has cooled.
  • Projectors do not automatically turn off.
  • Power down projectors each day to preserve bulb life.
av connections
AV Connections
  • There are AV connections on the wall jack.
  • You may plug in a VCR or DVD player to these jacks. (The player MUST be running for the projector to recognize the source.)
  • If your computer has a DVD player, you should be able to play DVDs through the PC.
  • No picture?
    • Check the video splitter to be sure all cables are plugged in securely.
    • Check to be sure the projector power is on.
    • Be sure your computer is turned on and logged in.
  • No sound?
    • Adjust volume on the control panel.
    • Adjust volume on the computer.
    • Check the amplifier to be sure the green light is on.
    • If a blue light is blinking, you will need to power on the amplifier.

Troubleshooting Sound

  • Adjust the master volume.
  • Adjust the input gain buttons. There are 3 buttons labeled Aux 1, Aux 2 and Aux 3. Be sure to check all three.
  • Enter a help request if you are not able to use your projector.
frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why didn’t you ask me where I wanted my projector installed?
    • The team will install 700 projectors, sound systems, and screens in under 3 months. There would not be enough time to meet with each teacher individually.
    • We want a standard look and feel in every classroom. Your choice of location might not be the same as that of another teacher.
    • Teachers may not keep the same classroom year after year. Permanent installations cannot be easily moved to accommodate preferences.
frequently asked questions1
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who pays for replacement bulbs?
    • Schools will be responsible for replacement bulbs. Be sure to turn off projectors when not in use to extend bulb life.
  • What am I supposed to do with this thing?
    • Enhance teaching and learning in your classroom! Need ideas? Click here for ways to use a projector in ANY classroom.
frequently asked questions2
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why didn’t my spouse at the elementary school get a projector?
    • Cost. We would love to have a projector in every classroom, but funds are limited.
    • Elementary schools will receive 5 mobile carts with projectors and sound systems that will be shared by grade levels.
  • Can I play a CD through the speakers without using the projector?
    • No.
frequently asked questions3
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why don’t I have a video splitter for my projector on a cart?
    • We are aware of this and are checking our contract to see if these should be a part of the install.
  • Will new trailers at the middle schools and high schools get the projector on a cart setup?
    • Yes!