teacher expectations ms ra cra@laalliance org or rarspteacher@gmail com n.
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Teacher Expectations Ms. Ra cra@laalliance.org or rarspteacher@gmail.com PowerPoint Presentation
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Teacher Expectations Ms. Ra cra@laalliance.org or rarspteacher@gmail.com

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Teacher Expectations Ms. Ra cra@laalliance.org or rarspteacher@gmail.com - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teacher Expectations Ms. Ra cra@laalliance.org or rarspteacher@gmail.com. Ms.Ra’s Mission Statement.

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Teacher Expectations Ms. Ra cra@laalliance.org or rarspteacher@gmail.com

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ms ra s mission statement
Ms.Ra’s MissionStatement

I believe it is myresponsibility to develop independent students with solid social, academic, and life skills.  Students will be familiar with their accommodations and be comfortable advocating for themselves in their GE classes. Ibelieve all students can learn with proper supports from everyone that has a vesting interest in seeing the student flourish as a scholar. My responsibility is to support our students with special needs, by collaborating with teachers, parents, and administrators, and thus empower our students to advocate for themselves, and to become independent learners.

school policies
School Policies

Arrive to class on time, be seated, start Do Now

30/30, 10/10 Rule no passes, classrooms locked, bathrooms locked

Bring YOUR Agenda book daily, passes will not be issued without it

No food or drink in classroom

All electronic devices must be turned off and out-of-sight

character counts
Character Counts!







entering the classroom
Entering the Classroom

Grab all your essential materials

Go to your seat

Start the Do Now: Warm-Up

Do not ask to be excused for any reason

Low noise level

exiting the classroom
Exiting the Classroom

Clear your workspace

Return borrowed materials

Put trash in wastebasket

Low noise level

The bell does not dismiss you, I do!

code of conduct
Code of Conduct

Being prepared for class (bring materials e.g. books, homework)

Participating in all assessment measures (e.g. tests)

Respecting the property of the school and others

Keeping the campus clean

Wearing school uniform

code of conduct1
Code of Conduct

Following all rules of behavior and conduct

Respecting fellow students and school personnel

Attending classes regularly and on time

Completing all assigned work (to the best of your ability)

Being prepared for class (bring materials e.g. books, homework)

classroom materials
Classroom Materials

3-ring binder with dividers, 1 ½ to 2 inches wide

Loose leaf paper or subject notebook

Composition book

School Agenda book, planner

Blue or black ink pens, #2 pencils

Highlighter, post-it notes

classroom policies
Classroom Policies

Turn in all assignments in brown box

Bring school supplies daily

Do not leave classroom without permission

Do not place textbooks on floor

Do not remove books, supplies, chairs, etc. from classroom

Do not interrupt instruction for a pass to leave classroom, wait for a transition

header for assignments
Header for Assignments

Write a description for each assignment

Ex. Ch 2.1 notes, key terms, questions




Separate each section by page(s)

Staple work


Class discussions

Group work

In-class assignments

Regular and timely attendance


Do Now

unacceptable behavior
Unacceptable Behavior

Excessive talking unrelated to instruction

Classroom disturbance

Eating in class


Bringing electronic devices



unacceptable behavior1
Unacceptable Behavior

Inappropriate use of technology and telecommunications

Use, possession or sale of alcohol, tobacco or a controlled substance


Possession of a knife, gun, explosive or other dangerous objects

Failure to follow directions of staff


First Warning

Conference with Teacher

Phone Call Home

Afterschool Detention: (depending on the rules violated)

Office Referral/Vice Principal/Principal