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halFILE Administration

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halFILE Administration. Administrator ‘File’ Menu. Build and maintain applications, databases and baskets Build, maintain, and list internal tables Build, maintain, and list BaseEdit tables (Subdivisions, Township/Range) Maintain default printer setup for halFILE. File/Databases.

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Presentation Transcript
administrator file menu
Administrator ‘File’ Menu
  • Build and maintain applications, databases and baskets
  • Build, maintain, and list internal tables
  • Build, maintain, and list BaseEdit tables (Subdivisions, Township/Range)
  • Maintain default printer setup for halFILE
file databases
  • Add new – builds new database
  • Add ODBC – adds missing table record for migrated or attached database
  • ODBC info – maintain database description (plant date display)and connection information
  • Review Layout – displays database structure
  • Field Links – tie like lines of multi-entry fields together
  • Lookups – for auto data population during index
file databases continued
File/Databases continued...
  • Remove – deletes selected database from halFILE but does not delete from SQL server
  • References – build and maintain links between fields for nested searches (releases, assignments, corrections in Title Plant)
  • Masks/Auto Fill – overlay masks on date fields, formatted fields and set auto-fill values for index fields
  • Baskets – build and maintain baskets
  • Verify Setup – define index key verification fields and new verify edit report setup
administrator configure menu
Administrator ‘Configure’ Menu
  • Station ID – sets a document number prefix to identify this station and avoid “stepping over” other stations
  • Drives – halFILE image storage drives table
  • Cartridges – halFILE image storage folders table
  • Bar Codes – setup halFILE to learn and read barcodes for indexing (requires Kofax AIPE and hal’s BARFILE software)
configure security
  • Enable security – check mark shows security system is active
  • User Profiles – setup user access to functions (scan, index, update, search, etc.) by database – make sure at least one administrator account is defined
  • User Groups – setup groups to restrict access to specific documents in a database – if this feature is used ALL users must be defined in a group – make sure at least one user is in a non-restricted group
administrator reports menu
Administrator ‘Reports’ Menu
  • Consistency Check
  • HFWPARAMS database tables (Cartridges, Drives, Baskets)
  • Reports designed directly against a SQL database can be setup to run through this menu
administrator tools menu
Administrator ‘Tools’ Menu
  • Login – logs current user out and prompts for new login ID
  • Licensing/User manager – shows users logged on by machine name
  • Licensing/Reset license file – refreshes license file. All users should be logged out of halFILE before requesting reset (requires internet connection)
tools archive setup general
Tools/Archive Setup/General
  • Require Auto Archive – disables the archive icon on the Manager toolbar
  • Force Recalculation of Cartridges – when archive process completes this option tells program to recalculate the free space available in current archive folder. Some SAN devices do not calculate available free space correctly when used
  • Low disk notify – when archive volume falls below space limit (in MB) archive log will reflect this condition
  • Database Level Archiving – keeps images from multiple databases from being commingled when archived to the same archive folder
tools archive setup log options
Tools/Archive Setup/Log Options
  • Default method is a daily log file named around archive set (i.e. AUTOARCHAUTO1.LOG) in the halFILE program directory. This is the log that is emailed (if configurable) to user
  • Disable logging – turns off all archive logs
  • Append to archive log – log file will be cumulative if this option is selected
  • Debug log file – used by Technical Support to troubleshoot problems with archive processes
  • Dated log file – will incorporate run date in the log file name (must use append option as well)
auto archive source
Auto Archive/Source
  • Archive Set – database/basket information for a specific archive folder is built in set
  • Set Description – user’s reference for this set
  • Select appropriate application, database(s), and basket(s) to include for archive of this set
  • Auto-rotate cartridges – check this box to have halFILE automatically increment number as part of the folder naming convention (i.e. CD1, CD2, CD3, etc.)
  • All baskets option – will automatically include any new baskets and remove any deleted baskets without user intervention (customers using Merge feature should use caution with this option)
auto archive destination
Auto Archive/Destination
  • Cart Name Mask – up to 8 characters including placeholder for number ‘#’ (i.e. CD######) would begin numbering with CD000001
  • Drive suffix – allows additional levels of archive folders above the default
  • Cart Description – text describing the cartridge which can include number placeholder ‘#’
  • Size limit – total space available for the archive folders – normally 630mb for CD backup, 4000mb for DVD backup
  • Current Cart Num – reference for the current cartridge number being used by the set
auto archive destination cont
Auto Archive/Destination cont...
  • Cart type – based on system either local, network, or mapped (Novell)
  • Drive – from the configure/drives parameter this is your archive storage drive letter or share name
  • Overflow drive – can be the same as Drive selected above or can be another volume configured to be used when all disk space on ‘Drive’ has been used
  • Save DB Information – check ‘On’ button to have archive make a copy of all index records that match archived images in the archive folder
  • Log System Messages – check ‘On’ button to have archive send system message that administrator will receive when logging into halFILE
auto archive alerts
Auto Archive/Alerts
  • SMTP server – name of server that hosts email for your company
  • Email1,2,3 – up to three email addresses for email of the archive log file
  • Include archive log file in email – check box to get detailed log file included with email message
  • Save Set – must click this button to store your configuration for this archive set before clicking OK
  • Delete Set – removes the selected set from archive
tools options general
  • Date Format – defines how dates are displayed in search and index
  • Root Basket Path – tells the basket program where the “tree” begins for building basket folders
  • Crystal Reports Path – location of the file CRW32.EXE on this PC for designing reports
  • Viewer type – Imaging Viewer (requires Imaging for Windows installed on PC), Kofax Viewer (provided by halFILE install)
tools options system messaging
Tools/Options/System Messaging
  • Allows send and receive of messages to halFILE users that are delivered when logging into halFILE
tools options administrative reports
Tools/Options/Administrative Reports
  • This menu sets up the reports that are found in the Reports menu option inside the Administrator
  • Consistency Check (Field Gap) report schema is defined in this screen
  • Reports that run outside of halFILE search can be configured as menu options here
tools options transactions
  • Use halFILE Transaction Logging – check this box to enable detail transaction logging of all activity in halFILE (search, index, update, etc.). This creates a table called HFTRANSACTIONS inside your HFWPARAMS SQL database
  • Purge Transactions – delete old transaction history around a specified date range
  • Generate Transaction Report – links to Crystal Report HFTRANSACTIONS.RPT to show activity by database and user based on date range
tools security versions
Tools/Security Versions
  • Use halFILE Integrated Security – when this box is checked the Windows network ID of the PC is passed through to halFILE as the halFILE user ID automatically (i.e. no need to sign on to halFILE separately). Your halFILE user ID mirrors your network user ID in halFILE security users table
  • Use ODBC Integrated Security – halFILE logins are linked to the SQL server security. If this box is checked then all halFILE users must be added to the SQL server
  • Version Control – for associated documents (.XLS, .PDF, .DOC, etc.) this controls whether they are stored in halFILE as read-only
tools ftp setup
Tools/FTP Setup
  • Used to give halFILE the necessary parameters to use the FTP protocol on your network server to send files either on-demand or as a scheduled task
  • Uses the halFILE program HALFTP.EXE
tools hfdeliver
  • Certain halFILE programs reside on your C: drive (the image viewer for example) These programs must be in sync with the programs common to all users kept in the HALFILE program directory
  • Enable deliver – check this box to have the deliver feature always on. Terminal Server permissions issues prevent some users from checking this box
  • Current Deliver Packet – the ID created by the halFILE update service for the most current program set
tools hfdeliver cont
Tools/hfDeliver cont...
  • Prompt when updating workstations – check mark triggers the message “A halFILE update is available do you want to install it?” when launching the halFILE program after an update has been downloaded
  • Reboot system after applying updates – will force a system reboot after the files are copied to your local drive
  • Restart halFILE for Windows after updates – will close the halFILE program and reopen after the files are copied to your local drive
  • Do not apply updates to TS/Citrix sessions – checked because of permissions issues with user profiles where user cannot apply updates unless an administrator to the server
tools hfdeliver cont23
Tools/hfDeliver cont...
  • Modify Deliver Programs – allows user to control what files are contained in the deliver packet for the workstations
  • Apply updates to this workstation – forces the copy of files from the deliver packet to this system’s local drive (on demand)