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  1. Jeopardy Choose a category. You will be given the answer. You must give the correct question. Click to begin.

  2. Choose a point value. Choose a point value. Click here for Final Jeopardy

  3. Category A Category B Category C Category D Category E 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points

  4. ________impact on the presidency was limited as he was the second to be killed while in office. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  5. Garfield

  6. _______came to the White House with a reputation of corruption. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  7. Arthur

  8. Elected through a questionable electoral process. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  9. Hayes

  10. Formed his national reputation first as a general on the battlefield, then as a political figure. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  11. Grant

  12. Garfield was killed by a man that sought _________ from him. Money Property Restitution Political Office

  13. Political Office

  14. As president, he redeemed himself of his political past and became known as one of the most honest presidents to ever hold office. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  15. Arthur

  16. He ended the long running Reconstruction period that had gripped the South since the end of the Civil War. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  17. Hayes

  18. Although considered personally honest, _________ administration was one of the most corrupt in U.S. history. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  19. Grant

  20. He held the office for only 4 months before he was shot on July 2, 1881, by an assassin named Charles Guieau. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  21. Garfield

  22. Arthur was a defender of ____________. Emancipation Proclamation Secession Civil Rights Black Code Laws

  23. Civil Rights

  24. __________ supported legislation which limited corruption in office and helped eliminate the spoils system which was common to American politics. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  25. Hayes

  26. His basic political creed was, “He serves his party best who serves his country best.” Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  27. Hayes

  28. When the American people had realized that political patronage had led to the death of this president, they were ready for a change. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  29. Garfield

  30. Arthur was deeply involved in __ politics. New Jersey Republican New Hampshire Democrat New Jersey Democrat New York Republican

  31. New York Republican

  32. ________ was actively involved in the Underground Railroad, helping slaves escape Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  33. Hayes

  34. President Lincoln placed him in Command of all Union forces during the Civil War. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  35. Grant

  36. Arthur supported the______, which changed how government officials were selected. Pendleton Civil Service Act Popular Sovereignty Act Jim Crow Act Emancipation Proclamation

  37. Pendleton Civil Service Act

  38. His wife earned the nickname “Lemonade Lucy”. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  39. Hayes

  40. When the KKK threatened Negroes, ____________ attempted to use federal troops to protect former slaves. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  41. Grant

  42. Which of these was NOT something that took place during Grant’s presidency? Transcontinental Railroad Invention of Telephone Establishment of the first National Park: Yellowstone Invention of the Automobile

  43. Invention of the Automobile

  44. As president, _________ withdrew the last federal troops still occupying the Reconstruction South. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  45. Hayes

  46. He made appointments to his cabinet and other offices based on ______. Family Wealth Compromise Qualifications Political Party

  47. Qualifications

  48. _______spent his final days penning memoirs. His autobiography was a great financial success, which provided his family $500,000. Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur

  49. Grant

  50. Grant’s real name was ___________. Hank Harris Harley Hiram