fresh water lakes and rivers n.
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Fresh water lakes and rivers PowerPoint Presentation
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Fresh water lakes and rivers

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Fresh water lakes and rivers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fresh water lakes and rivers. By Jemma and Jack. Animals.

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Fresh water lakes and rivers

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  • Alligator, Bald eagle, Beaver, Bobcat, Capybara, Common egret, Copepod, Cougar, Coypu, Crane, Crayfish, Deer, Downy Woodpecker, Dragonfly, Earthworm, Elk, Fly, Frog ,Great Blue Heron, Mosquito, Muskrat, Newt, Opossum, Water Strider, Raccoon, Red-Tailed Hawk, Red Wolf, River Otter, Shrimp, Snail, Turtle, Spider, Toad, White-Tailed Deer, Fish and Zooplankton!!!
  • The Temperature of the water changes in every season. In summer the temperature can be 4 Celsius near the bottom and 22 Celsius at the top. During the winter the bottom is still 4 Celsius while the top can be 0 Celsius (Ice).
  • There are many different kinds of plant in or on the banks near freshwater lakes and rivers. Here are some: Banana plant, Red Tiger Lotus, Red and Blue Water Lilly, Tiger Lotus, Spatterdock, Foxtail, Water Clover, Helzine, Java Fern and Duckweed.
why is our habitat unique
Why is our habitat unique?
  • We both think our habitat is unique because all animals can drink from it, live near it or live in it.
  • Near a fresh water lake it is normally hot but wet.
were would you find fresh water lakes or river
Were would you find fresh water lakes or river?
  • Darwin, Mildura, China , U.S.A, Florida, Fiji, Thailand, Hamilton, Nelson, Perth, London, Kenya, New Zealand and many more places.