smarter travel att and ncn programmes new programmes n.
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smarter travel >>> ATT and NCN Programmes New Programmes PowerPoint Presentation
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smarter travel >>> ATT and NCN Programmes New Programmes

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smarter travel >>> ATT and NCN Programmes New Programmes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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smarter travel >>> ATT and NCN Programmes New Programmes. Recent Funding Announcement. €12m to be allocated between National Cycle Network (NCN) and Active Travel Towns (ATT) for the 3 year period 2014 to 2016.

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smarter travel >>> ATT and NCN Programmes New Programmes

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Presentation Transcript
recent funding announcement
Recent Funding Announcement
  • €12m to be allocated between National Cycle Network (NCN) and Active Travel Towns (ATT) for the 3 year period 2014 to 2016.
  • Applications sought from local authorities on 1st August for funding under both programmes
  • Monies to be assigned to the projects that best meet the objectives of each of these programmes.


active travel towns
Active Travel Towns
  • In the region of €5m to be assigned to Active Travel Towns (ATTs).
  • Under ATTs, it is envisaged that funding will be made available for 5/6 towns including up to 2 small towns.


walking and cycling strategies
Walking and cycling strategies

Completed Walking and Cycling Strategies

  • Rationale is to allow local authorities to implement the strategies for walking and cycling that are now in place.
  • As funding is limited, it is expected that applications under ATTs will be clearly identified as sections/subsets of strategies, containing suites of measures to achieve modal shift.


att programme objectives
ATT Programme Objectives
  • Create safer walking and cycling routes through the provision of high quality infrastructure.
  • Reduce the need for short distance car journeys.
  • Provide sustainable travel links to schools, colleges, places of employment, amenity and leisure facilities.


atts key to successful applications
ATTs Key to Successful Applications
  • Key driver to modal shift is Community Support.
  • Goal is to achieve a measurable shift in travel modes
  • Clear understanding of the objectives of ATTs
  • Evidence based assessment of potential demand in terms of local users and potential visitor and tourist user numbers.
  • Focus on Plans on how to achieve and measure this change


proposed timeframe for project delivery atts
Proposed timeframe for project delivery ATTs

Proposed Timeframe for Project Delivery

  • November 2013

Funding Approval for successful applicants

  • May 2014

Baseline measurements completed

  • December 2015/February 2016

Implementation of plans completed

  • September 2016

Evaluation and measurement report completed.


anticipated drawdown of funding
Anticipated Drawdown of Funding
  • October 2014 – 30% claimed
  • October 2015 – 60% claimed
  • March 2016 – 90% claimed
  • October 2016 - 100% claimed (subject to receipt of satisfactory evaluation report)


att project branding and evaluation
ATT Project Branding and Evaluation
  • Completed projects will be branded “Active Travel Towns”
  • Evaluation report required for ATT programme six months post delivery of project – 10% of approved funding will be retained until satisfactory reports submitted.
  • All reports will be published on the Department’s websites.


national cycle network
National Cycle Network
  • Under the NCN programme, 16 projects were allocated approx. €7m under the programme for 2012/2013. 8 are completed to date with majority of remaining to be completed by end of year.
  • In the region of €6.5 m will be made available in the next round to deliver two/three projects in the period 2014/2016.


ncn programme objectives
NCN Programme Objectives

New Funding Round

  • Target investment at a small number of high profile projects that have the potential to be trip attracting in their own right.
  • Indications are that greenways offer best return on investment.
  • Fáilte Ireland - Latent demand for cycling holidays in Ireland.


ncn focus
NCN Focus

NCN Focus

  • High quality off road world class infrastructure.
  • High ranking destination attributes - nice scenery and routes through attractive towns.
  • High ranking route attributes - scenery with traffic free cycling/access to safe cycling routes.
  • Family cycles - need for shorter distances between rest stops as well as adequate signage and warning where cycle routes are merging or mixing with traffic.
  • Potential tourism/day trip attraction and, where feasible, as a transport corridor for local use.


ncn branding and final inspection
NCN Branding and Final Inspection
  • Completed projects will form part of the “National Cycle Network” brand
  • Final Inspection Reports to be submitted to the Department post delivery.
  • All reports will be published on the Department’s websites.


successful proposals
Successful Proposals
  • Proposals will be considered by assessment teams on the basis of the criteria set out in the outline documents - each being given a weighted score.
  • Assessment procedure will be completed within a short timeframe and if successful LAs must be in a position to commence proposed projects immediately.

smartertravel >>>

  • Closing date for applications

ATTs- by 5pm on Tuesday 15 October 2013

NCN- by 5pm on Friday 15 November 2013

  • Applications will be accepted by email by the Sustainable Transport Division on these dates on the understanding that hard copies will be received by Friday 18 October 2013 (ATT) and Wednesday 20 November 2013 (NCN)
  • Application size – 10 A4 pages


publicity and dissemination
Publicityand Dissemination
  • All activities, publicity and promotional events must make reference to DTT&S funding and publicise the SmarterTravel logo or any future amended logo.
  • The grantee is required to erect a Smarter Travel plaque or other signage provided by the Department.
  • The grantee should be available to participate in meetings to share knowledge on progress and outcomes.


contact details
Contact Details
  • ATTs

Clare Smith 01-604 1100 or

Mary O’Dwyer 01-6041511 or

Carol Lodola 01 – 6041503 or

  • NCN

Denise Keoghan 01-6041480 or

Denise Hyland 01-6041060 or

  • Sustainable Transport Division, Leeson Lane, Dublin 2 or