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VF IMI Training Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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VF IMI Training Strategy

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VF IMI Training Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VF IMI Training Strategy. 06/08/2006 Jona L. Titus. Overview Agenda. Training models Training Strategy Assessment Strategy Resources Needed Training Schedule. TCM. Training. TCM and Training Model. Communication Drive awareness for the VF IMI program and Change impacts to end users.

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VF IMI Training Strategy

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    1. VF IMI Training Strategy 06/08/2006 Jona L. Titus

    2. Overview Agenda • Training models • Training Strategy • Assessment Strategy • Resources Needed • Training Schedule End User Training

    3. TCM Training TCM and Training Model Communication Drive awareness for the VF IMI program and Change impacts to end users • On-line Portal • One-stop-shop for all training related to VF IMI implementation • References eLearning, Business process, and Simulations/Job aids for each job role • “Cheat Sheet” for applications • References prerequisite training courses for all roles CIA Open Forums Review changes and provide guidance For impacted job roles in finding training and Online resources for assistance • eLearning Coursework • Courses relate to each user audience • To be completed before training sessions User Acceptance Survey impacted users to determine if they Are ready for change • FTF Training Sessions –(WIINGS/WISARD/ eBP, SAP ,TSM/SIMI, SIRA, CAPability, IMIRT,SKI, GPR ) • Facilitation may use CONS and/or Production environment for lab task exercise performance. • Conducted by SU/BA prior to roll out • Provide Concrete Experimentation for areas which need mastery • Provide opportunity for questions and practice • Review reference and portal End User Training

    4. Applications X End User Training

    5. Training Portal Details Also adding “Cheat Sheet” for applications End User Training

    6. eLearning and FTF session Timelines- Phase II End User Training

    7. Assessment Strategy • eLearning Escalation: • Track training completion weekly, beginning WW30 and report out to project and extended staff. • If students are not completing training on time(goals: WW29-30%, WW30-60%, WW31-90%, WW32-100%), I will escalate to their managers. • The expectation is that managers will take the appropriate action to see that training is completed. End User Training

    8. Future Training Hand-Off • Hand off to occur by end of WW36 • Training Owners identified for the following groups: • BAX (Dane Johnson-confirmed) - FSMO (Jenny Lucas) • Finance (Matt McCracken-confirmed) - CCMG (Robyn Desmarais) • HAZMAT (Gerry McCook-confirmed) - Suppliers (Tiffany Rogers) • Factory/PEs (Chris Lbassi-confirmed) • Hand off responsibilities include: • Post and publish training curriculum to teams’ site • Document Super Users and validate they will support future training for new hires or new team members. • Sustaining • Pass ownership of online “cheat sheet” to F17 training department (Jona) • Pass ownership of training portal to F17 (Jona) • Factory SU WIINGS trainers trained and documented (Colin) End User Training

    9. Training Development/Deployment SchedulePhase II • WW22– Communication Strategy Ratified • WW22- FTF Logistics completed • WW23- Training Strategy completed and ratified by PMO • WW25- Impact Map to managers • WW29-32- eLearning training • Ww32-36- FTF training sessions • WW35- Go Live • WW35-36- Stabilization End User Training

    10. Phase II Open Items related to Training • Method of training for Stockroom (train all or just SUs?) • Identify factory users, both SUs and general users, for WIINGS training • Identify resource for FTF training for stockroom • Identify or create forum to share Impact mapping strategy and direction with all managers End User Training

    11. Back Up End User Training

    12. Impact Map Implementation • Impact Map (to IMI Subset) • Managers meet with their employees during regularly scheduled 1:1’s to: • Review goals and objectives of training • Complete impact map for employee’s job role End User Training