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Dogzilla Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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Dogzilla Jeopardy

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Dogzilla Jeopardy
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Dogzilla Jeopardy

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  1. Dogzilla Jeopardy

  2. This vocabulary word means very brave or daring. heroic

  3. This vocabulary word means a living being. Insert Text for Question Category 1 – 20 points creature

  4. Which two vocabulary words mean causing much fear. Insert Text for Question Category 1 – 30 points horrifying and terrifying

  5. Which three vocabulary words mean large, enormous, or powerful. Insert Text for Question Category 1 – 40 points colossal, monstrous, and tremendous.

  6. Why is the story set in a city rather than a small town? There is more to destroy, bigger problems, and a greater need for a solution.

  7. Why are the mice terrified of Dogzilla? Dogzilla’s size, she bursts out of a volcano, or she looks ready to pounce.

  8. What do the mice do to defeat Dogzilla? They give her a bath.

  9. What characteristics of the mice might help them deal with Dogzilla? Size, speed, intelligence, or numbers.

  10. Realism or Fantasy Drip, drop. Drip, drop. Rain came falling down from the sky. Soon, there were puddles everywhere. Realism

  11. Realism or Fantasy Carlos would never forget what happened this morning. He couldn’t believe that as he reached for the syrup, his pancake jumped off the plate. Then it rolled out the door and walked down the street. Fantasy

  12. Realism or Fantasy It was so hot yesterday that all of the corn in our field began to pop. Soon, the whole field was covered in fluffy white kernels. Fantasy

  13. Realism or Fantasy Butter was a small, round hen. She was yellow as a cube of butter. That is how she got her name. Almost every day, Butter laid an egg in her nest. Realism

  14. Change wife to be plural. wives

  15. Change loaf to be plural. loaves

  16. Change life to be plural. lives

  17. Change wolf to be plural. wolves

  18. Replace the phrase with a possessive. the truck of their uncle Their uncle’s truck

  19. Replace the phrase with a possessive. the barks of the dogs The dogs’ bark

  20. Replace the phrase with a possessive. the favorite place for the twins The twins’ favorite place

  21. Replace the phrase with a possessive. the flowers of each water lily Each water lily’s flowers