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An Overview

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An Overview

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An Overview

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  1. An Overview For Culture and Cuisine Linda Civitello

  2. Question? If you were without electricity today what would you be without: Make a list and we will discuss your answers. If you were without water for 2-4 day period what could happen? Linda Civitello

  3. Cuisine and Culture - Intro • Taste is taught- • Consider the cultural differences of foods • Organ meats? What organ meats have you eaten in the past year? • Escargot is _________? • What are your likes and dislikes concerning foods • Spices are from which geographic areas? Linda Civitello

  4. The brain now and then, a 3x increase Linda Civitello

  5. Does this look like a relative of yours? Linda Civitello

  6. In a South Pacific tribe it is ok to have sex before marriage but it is having a meal together is TABOO. It is equated to a body function like going to the bathroom. • Once, people knew potatoes caused leprosy. • Sugar cured toothaches? • Romans thought that cinnamon grew in swamps that were guarded by giant killer bees. Yikes! Linda Civitello

  7. Needs a little make-up? Linda Civitello

  8. A dwelling Linda Civitello

  9. Early man walking Linda Civitello

  10. Are these your grandparents? Linda Civitello

  11. A few Facts • Americans thought beer was good for children • A princess was laughed out of town for eating with a fork • Italian food was really bad for you. • Food is historical, political, social, economic, anthropological, and linguistic. • After 9-11, the first sector of the hospitality industry to partially recover was the food service industry. Linda Civitello

  12. A very large amount of the GOP is attributed to foods. The growing, harvesting, processing, bringing to market is a huge undertaking if we are to adequately feed 280 million plus Americans. Think of this on a world-wide basis. • This course is a story about how we have always tried to control our food supply • Was there virtually a war because of Easter eggs-partially ! Linda Civitello

  13. Linda Civitello

  14. In some cases this is a history and culture lesson – Be prepared • Look at a globe or a map – Study It • Did mankind enslave Africans to grow sugar and rice. Yes or No, Your choice is?? • Chinese were at one time addicted to opium to lower the price of tea. • The pyramids were built with the masses having a beer like substance available to supply half of their calories daily but also they were less restless. Linda Civitello

  15. A Meeting Linda Civitello

  16. Human are the greatest predators that planet earth has ever had to endure. • The mastery of fire, a major turning point for mankind- Why? • The microwave has had a profound effect on the wonderful world of cooking-How • Technology is continuously adding variations to the food production system- • With Sous Vide, induction, radiation, and _______? Linda Civitello

  17. Woman in history • Were woman considered “civilly dead”-legally. A possession of man. No vote, no standing. Look at the phrase “ rule of thumb”, what was its meaning? Yikes! Linda Civitello

  18. Hunting was hard Work! Linda Civitello

  19. The End of Course Orientation Lets begin this wonderful course – Now! Linda Civitello