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An overview

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HSE Awards Scheme. An overview. Why an “Award Scheme”. “ Recognition of outstanding performance in Health, Safety and Environmental Management in the Bituminous Products Industry”. How does it work?. Eligibility :

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An overview

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Why an “Award Scheme”

“Recognition of outstanding performance in Health, Safety and Environmental Management in the Bituminous Products Industry”


How does it work?

Eligibility :

All current Ordinary Members that were members on the 1st March of a preceding year

Award Period :

Calendar year

Assessments :

During November/December of each year


Award Categories

  • Best sustained performance in OVERALL HSE management for the period
  • Recognition of progress in successful implementation of an HSE Management System
  • CEO Merit Awards for other notable HSE achievements

Essential requirements for participation

  • General Requirements – All Categories
  • MUST NOT HAVE “suffered” a recordable fatal incident for the period under assessment
  • MUST HAVE reported the required statistics to Sabita for the period
  • Additional Category–specific requirement
  • MUSTdemonstrate that ALL elements and Expectations of the Sabita HSEMS have been implemented
  • MUST have a Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) rate of <10 for the assessment period

Requirements cont……

  • Recognition of progress in implementation of HSEMS
  • MUST demonstrate that implementation was in progress FOR AT LEAST 60% (6) of the mandatory award scheme expectations during the FIRST period of participation and thereafter 100% (10) for subsequent award periods
  • MUST have a Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) rate of <15 for period under review

Award Category Elements

  • Best sustained OVERALL HSE performance
  • Ten (10) mandatory award scheme elements
  • Two (2) additional HSE- MS expectations nominated by participating member
  • Three (3) additional “mystery” Sabita HSEMS expectations (determined by a draw from remaining expectations)

CEO Merit Award

Any notable initiatives made by

member organisations


Individual employees that have significantly contributed to

the enhancement of HSE Management within their own organisation or the bituminous industry

in general


Why an “Award Scheme”

  • The Sabita Award Scheme recognises those in our industry who achieve excellence.
  • The awards are meaningful for the winners as they are bestowed by peers.
  • Award winners will be highlighted in asphaltNews and other industry publications throughout the country thus benefiting through recognition for
  • their excellence in HSE practices.

CEO Merit Award recipients 2011

Adelaide Martin and Colin Brooks


In Conclusion

Together, we can create a sense of pride in providing blacktop roads that are SAFE – to the road provider

and the road user