Oil Pollution
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Oil Pollution. All about what oil pollution does to plants, humans and creatures. What is Oil pollution? .

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Oil pollution

Oil Pollution

All about what oil pollution does to plants, humans and creatures.

Oil pollution

What is Oil pollution?

Oil pollution is one of the most common kind of pollution and one of the worst. There are alsodifferent kinds of pollution like: radioactivity, nuclear waste, animal and so on.There are different kinds of oil pollution too and oil spills is one of them.

Oil pollution

How does it affect…



Natureand Animals

You turn on the tap to get a drink. There’s dirty water coming. If you drink it, you might get sick. Later you go to the beach. There’s broken glass and if you go in it you might get a cut. That’s what happens when we have no more clean left.

Let’s hope that won’t ever happen. You can help too!*

Oil doesn’t mix with water so it leaves a big black puddle floating on the water. Luckily, there is a way this can go away. After a few weeks, the oil starts to rot away. It can also evaporate into air. 

From plants to trees, fish and marine plants. Oil pollution hurts them all. Fish... It stops them from getting oxygen and they soak it up + sunlight is blocked for the coral! Trees and plants need water to water to absorb and drink and when they do, it makes them sick & unhealthy.

Oil pollution

But , how is it dangerous?

Oil pollution is dangerous by the diseases that it can cause. You can get skin disease, lung diseases, and just plain colds and fevers.

Oil pollution


Fish dead due to big oil spill

A man cleaning up dead fish

Dead Fish found in oil

Oil pollution


http://www.google.com/ (of course)

wiki.answers.com/ (answers all your questions!)

http://www.wikipedia.org/ (good for info but has hard vocabulary)

http://grade4.qataracademy.wikispaces.net/water (has the instructions)

http://www.oceansidecleanwaterprogram.org/kids.asp (has info made just for kids!)

http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0215471/oil_spills.htm (a very good site that explains everything!)

http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0215471/ocean_pollution.htm (the same site as before, but has different info)

Oil pollution

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