the outsiders s e hilton 1967 realistic fiction n.
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The Outsiders S.E Hilton 1967 Realistic Fiction PowerPoint Presentation
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The Outsiders S.E Hilton 1967 Realistic Fiction

The Outsiders S.E Hilton 1967 Realistic Fiction

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The Outsiders S.E Hilton 1967 Realistic Fiction

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  1. The OutsidersS.E Hilton1967Realistic Fiction Naomii G. Period: 1

  2. Setting • The setting includes Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the year of 1966. It is through the environment that the authors shows them being on the wrong side of town. If it were a different setting, to me I don’t think it would be different because you can still divide the city to two groups as shown in The Outsiders.

  3. Characters

  4. Conflict • Man vs. man because, it’s between two groups ( the Socs and Greaser). The Socs fought Ponyboy because he was just walking. He was minding he’s own business but, they decided to hurt him. Man vs. man is what it sounds like, it doesn’t just have to me men, it can also be women or children.

  5. Summary of Plot • The summary plot is… there is a town that is split into two groups. The Socials (rich side of town) and The Greasers (the poorer part of town). If a Soc sees a greaser they jump them for no apparent reason.

  6. Theme • This book centers on the foolish rivalry existing between the Socs and Greasers. And the love between these 3 brothers. • Text Evidence 1: “ Hey, Greaser. Need a hair cut?” Page # 5 • Text Evidence 2: “How’d you like that hair cut below the chain.” Page # 5 • Text Evidence 3:

  7. Point of View • The point of view is 1st person because, it said “I” and “We”. The point of view of Ponyboy’s. It would be different if it were the 3rd omniscient person because, you would be able to hear out of everyone's mind. Like, the Socs’s mind or Soda’s mind.

  8. Symbolism • I actually have two symbols. 1. The sunrise and the 2nd one is sunset. I choose those two because, they stand for unity and connection. Throughout the story Soda and Darry were watching Ponyboy for he’s safety.

  9. Recommendation • I think it is very worthy to read this book because, it shows not only coming of age but, also it’s a non-stop book. It always has something happening. It kept me on the edge of my seat.

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