autonomous intelligent mobile robotics
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Autonomous Intelligent Mobile Robotics

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Autonomous Intelligent Mobile Robotics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Autonomous Intelligent Mobile Robotics. Jerry Weinberg Associate Professor Ross Mead Robot Scientist Computer Science. What is a Robot?. What is An Intelligent Robot?.

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autonomous intelligent mobile robotics

Autonomous Intelligent Mobile Robotics

Jerry Weinberg

Associate Professor

Ross Mead

Robot Scientist

Computer Science

What is a Robot?

what is an intelligent robot
What is An Intelligent Robot?
  • An autonomous system which exists in the physical world, can sense its environment, and can act on it to achieve some goals.
living autonomously
Living Autonomously
  • An autonomous robot acts on its own decisions
  • Robots are not directly controlled by humans
    • Can take input and advice from humans
  • Robots are not teleoperated
    • Making them much more difficult and interesting than Battlebots
autonomous mobile robots have to solve difficult problems
Autonomous Mobile Robots have to Solve Difficult Problems
  • Where am I?
    • Localization Problem
  • How do I get there?
    • Path Finding Problem
  • How do I find the door?
    • Object Recognition Problem
  • What are you asking me to do?
    • Language Understanding Problem
  • How can I tell you the answer to your question?
    • Speech Generation Problem
sensing the environment
Sensing the Environment
  • Sensors allow the robot to perceive its environment to get information that allows it to make decisions
    • Humans have 6 senses what are they?
    • What sensors does a robot need?
acting on the environment
Acting on the Environment
  • Robots have effectors that allow it to change the state of the world
    • What are human effectors?
    • What effectors can robots have?
achieving a goal
Achieving a Goal
  • Achieving a goal requires intelligent decision making
    • Artificial Intelligence
lego mindstorm rcx
LEGO Mindstorm RCX

3 Output or Motor Ports (A, B, C)

3 Input or Sensor Ports (1, 2, 3)

IR Transmitter/Receiver

spectrum of self control
Spectrum of Self-Control

Teleoperation: Human Control

Autonomous (AI) Control

Shared Human – Robot Control

Remote-Controlled Rats

reactive behavior based robot control
Reactive/Behavior-Based Robot Control
  • Ignores world models



finding inspiration
Finding Inspiration
  • Constructopedia
  • Nature
  • Web