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Providing Accompaniment

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Providing Accompaniment

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  1. Providing Accompaniment Office on Volunteerism and Community Service

  2. What is Accompaniment? • An individual is accompanied when he or she is in the physical presence of a person with a complete criminal history check

  3. When is Accompaniment Required? • From enrollment/employment date until all 4 parts of the background check are complete Individual with complete check is in physical presence Member enrolls and Starts Service All 4 parts of check are completed

  4. How is Accompaniment Documented? • Include plan for accompaniment in your Program Design (in the Criminal Background Check section) • Clearly describe accompaniment guidelines and documentation procedures

  5. Who can Accompany? • Best: an individual that has already completed the OVCS 4-part background check process • Can be a site representative that completed a site background check Remember, the accompanied must be IN THEIR PHYSICAL PRESENCE, so the accompanier has to have time to do that every day that the member is in service

  6. Documenting Accompaniment, cont. • Include in member/staff file clear, thorough documentation that accompaniment occurred and how • Who did the accompaniment, on what dates, hours, for whom • Signatures of accompanier and accompanied • You could develop a weekly formed signed by the accompanied and the accompanier that is placed in the file, or include in timesheets

  7. How can I avoid, or lessen impact of, Accompaniment? • Develop good policies and procedures • Complete the 4-part check as soon as possible • Develop ways to begin the process as soon as possible • Using management plan, make sure everyone involved knows the importance and impacts of this process

  8. Key Thoughts • NSOPR can be conducted as soon as you come in contact with an applicant, no need to wait • There must be documentation (who accompanied, what days/hours, attesting signatures) • Accompaniment is a BIG burden! Someone has to physically be with the person being accompanied AT ALL TIMES. But the only true way to avoid it is to finish the background checks as soon as possible • Starting them as soon as you can • Accurately completing all forms