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  2. Do you? Email IM Facebook? SecondLife Second life If you enjoy working with these technologies thenyou should consider MIS

  3. What is MIS? Using information technology (IT) to solve business problems and create opportunities

  4. The problem - IT is complicated • Businesses have hundreds of conflicting requirements • Volume of data is immense – millions of records • Many different components need to work together • And each business is different!

  5. The environment keeps changing New Technologies Outsourcing Globalization Communications Miniaturization

  6. The importance of MIS Information technology drives all businesses Example: Customer Account People who understand how information technology can improve business have a competitive edge

  7. Isn’t it just computer science? Computer science is product-driven MIS is solution-driven Example: Create systems to deliver products to customers

  8. The Role of MIS Human Resources Accounting Finance Sales Production MIS is the “glue” that ties businesses together……and uses the technology that makes business work.

  9. What does an MIS professional do? Identify the technology needed to automate routine tasks Create systems that transform how a business operates Manage the systems for an organization

  10. MIS Career Paths Employment of systems analysts is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2014. Source: US Department of Labor CIO Systems Architect Technical support Consultant Programmer Analyst Data Administrator Application programmer Systems Analyst Project Manager Software Designer CTO Fox MIS Students 100% Placement in 2006

  11. The Fox MIS Degree CONNECTED Identify, evaluate, build, and acquire information technology solutions for business RECOGNIZED INNOVATIVE

  12. Connected Program redesigned in 2006 with industry advisory board Established relationships with industry leaders

  13. Connections Counseling | Placement | Projects | Networking

  14. Recognized 100% placement The Fox School is the largest, and one of the most highly rankedBusiness Schools in the area Top 75 Business School Top 5 Most Connected Top 5 Student Diversity Top 75 BBA Top 25 Techno MBA Top 1% worldwide for research IT Programof the Year Top 20 Public University in the US

  15. Innovative Exclusive interactive case provides real world experiences Learn the latest technologies: mobile computing and wireless Distinctive curriculum - integration theme is in every course

  16. Irwin L. Gross Institute for Business & Information Technology Connect MIS faculty and students with industry Executive Breakfast Series Fox IT Fellows Mentor Students Fox IT Awards DistinguishedSpeakers Student Awards and Scholarships

  17. Association of Management Information Systems (AMIS) offers students the opportunity to promote the study and practice of MIS with professional development, social, and community activities

  18. Questions? • For more information • •

  19. What is the difference between MIS & CIS? MIS CIS Create business solutions by building, integrating or purchasing systems Build and extend technology to solve complex problems Motivated by using the computer as a tool to solve problems Motivated by how the computer works Emphasis is on understanding business processes Emphasis is on programming complex software Focused on integrating available components with high-level development tools into a friendly user interface Trained in writing large programs from scratch using traditional programming languages Classes focus on math & science Classes focus on business