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bulimia nervosa recognising the warning signs n.
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Bulimia Nervosa Recognising the Warning Signs PowerPoint Presentation
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Bulimia Nervosa Recognising the Warning Signs

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Bulimia Nervosa Recognising the Warning Signs
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Bulimia Nervosa Recognising the Warning Signs

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  1. Bulimia NervosaRecognising the Warning Signs

  2. What is an eating disorder? • Food and weight used as a way of coping • Serious mental health issue • ANYONE can be affected • Not all about appearances • Low self-esteem

  3. Bulimia Nervosa I spent longer throwing up than eating. Every time I’d promise myself I’d stick to my diet this time, but I just couldn’t do it. • Roughly normal weight • Frequent fluctuation in weight • Influence of shape and weight • Binge purge cycle • Most common forms of purging are laxative abuse and vomiting

  4. The Binge Purge Cycle

  5. Bulimia is a secretive disease People with bulimia are often very ashamed of their illness and will work hard to conceal signs and symptoms making it very difficult to spot. An awareness of the warning signs on the next few slides may help you pick up a case early – which will maximise the chances of effective support and complete recovery.

  6. Weight Fluctuation Due to the binge purge cycle – However, weight change is not always noticeable making this a hard illness to spot.

  7. Callused Knuckles Due to repeated vomiting. This sign is not always present but is often the most clear indicator of bulimia.

  8. Chewing Gum Drinking Water As a food replacement when trying to restrict food intake To mask the smell of vomit after purging

  9. Wearing Scarves Scarves will sometimes be warn to hide swollen glands / puffy face caused by vomiting

  10. Toilet after Meals Could be a sign of purging – either laxative abuse of vomiting

  11. Tooth Decay & Sore Throat Acid in vomit wears away teeth. Dentists often note erosion of enamel on the inside of teeth of someone who vomits regularly.

  12. Can’t focus on School Work Too consumed with eating disordered thoughts

  13. Isolation People suffering with eating disorders will often push away their friends and find they have less in common with them than they used to.

  14. Bulimia Warning Signs Summary • Weight Fluctuation • Chewing Gum/ Drinking Water • Toilet after meals • Secretive behaviour • Puffy Face • Callused Knuckles • Sore Throat • Tooth Decay • Can’t Focus on School Work • Isolation / loss of friends