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Scroll Down. What You Agreed To…. What you agreed to…. When you clicked that “ OK ” button. OK. You agreed to…. use the computer only for EDUCATIONAL purposes. This means…. ONLY doing work that your teacher assigns or approves. What you shouldn’t do….

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Presentation Transcript
what you agreed to
What you agreed to…

When you clicked that “OK” button


you agreed to
You agreed to…

use the computer only for



this means
This means…

ONLY doing work that your teacher assigns or approves.

what you shouldn t do
What you shouldn’t do…

Video games (unless the teacher has assigned them)

This includes websites or games that you have on your USB drives

what you shouldn t do1
What you shouldn’t do…

Try to get around the web filters…

Get you in trouble? Definitely

what you shouldn t do2
What you shouldn’t do…

Damage the equipment…

It’s vandalism, costs a lot to fix and leaves us with fewer computers for you to use.

what you shouldn t do3



Flash Games

What you shouldn’t do…

Copy any unauthorized files to the network drives…

Only save SCHOOL related files to your H: drive (student #) or the S: drive (shared)


Because the policies are in effect to protect YOU and the network..

against viruses, predators, and other threats!

what if
What if…

something happens accidentally?

Let your teacher know ASAP.If it is found out later, and you didn’t say anything, you may get in trouble.

what if1
What if…

you choose to do something against the rules?

Mrs. Turner would like to see you in the office!

Depending on what you did, you might lose your privileges to use the network and face disciplinary or legal action.

thank you
Thank you

Your cooperation is very appreciated!

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