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TABLE OF CONTENTS. What’s the big deal? Protecting my reputation What about liability? To Err is human The Protocol FAQ’s. WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?. How many cases do we get?. 2012. 2013. On average 400 Incidents p.a. are managed by SATIB24 for SATIB clients in Africa.

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table of contents
  • What’s the big deal?
  • Protecting my reputation
  • What about liability?
  • To Err is human
  • The Protocol
  • FAQ’s
On average 400 Incidents p.a. are managed by SATIB24 for SATIB clients in Africa

Source: Blackplan Incident Management

And SATIB24 looks after about 33% of all incidents in the hospitality and tourism industry in Africa

So the real incidence of serious incidents in tourism in Africa must be at least 100 a month

Likelihood of travelers picking up “travelers diarrhea” in Africa:

> 20%

Source: National Travel Health Network Centre

% of trip cancellations due to medical illness which is potentially manageable at a camp:

Source: Centre for Disease Control

Social Media has taken over from pornography as the ♯ 1 activity on the web for the first time ever.


Source: Reuters

Trip advisor alone sees 69 Million monthly visitors.

60 Million of these travelers leave reviews and opinions during or on return from their trip.

Source: Trip Advisor

An effective social media presence involves a lot more than whether or not you have a Facebook or Twitter account. Like any type of public interaction, it demands a thoughtful and strategic”- Ty Kiisel

Source: Forbes

92% of consumers say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising

Source: WAYN for the World Travel & Tourism Counsil

Only 48% of people stuck with their original travel plans after using social media to research their trips.

43% changed their accommodation

10% changed their destination

What happens online stays online: Unlike your wife or your best friend, the Internet never forgets. It pays to remember that every comment, every status update, every response is captured and stored on a server someplace so Google can link to it- and they do.”- Ty Kiisel

Source: Forbes

Your incidents will find their way onto social media and into the hands of your customers and potential customers.

It is a given.

And what you do when incidents occur will shape their opinion of your organization powerfully.

The highest settlement in the industry in Africa?


When things go wrong, it can be a game you’re playing with very high stakes indeed.

Source: Ivory Holdings


CHANCES OF OUR DOCTOR WINNING IN COURT = Much higher. (courts are initially well disposed to doctors)

CHANCES OF YOU WINING IN COURT = much lower (courts are known to be tougher on lay people in this role)

As soon as someone pays you money for a trip or activity or pays someone

you have outsourced to,

or someone enters private land

which you own or manage, then you could be at fault (i.e. liable) should something go wrong.

You have a legal duty to care for that person who is your guest.

On average 80% of accidents are due to human failings.

Complicated non-routine tasks result in 1 error in 10

And then + Stress = 2,5 errors in 10

Nearly 100 000 people die from medical errors annually in the USA.

Compare that to 40 000 dying in car accidents.

The scary thought… you can’t be absolutely sure you can trust doctors. You need another opinion.

Source: Institute of Medicine. This is the original report published first in 1999 which created a stir in the medical industry, the ripples of which are still being felt today.

The Golden Hour Myth-

There is nothing “golden” about the first hour after the accident.  At least not for the patient.  That’s because survival rates do not drop off precipitously 60 minutes after an injury.  In fact research has been unable to establish that there is any “magical time” for saving trauma victims.

Source: Mike Danko Aviation Law Monitor

Instead, the right things must be done at the right time to ensure victims survive and avoid permanent injury.

Think of it as a timeline stretching for hours with key moments where key things must be done just right at just the right time. This is SATIB24’s job.

Source: Quantified self. Peach colour is health and function, blue is intervention

Getting together the right RESPONSE PLAN to deal with an injury or illness event is very tricky and involves factors most people aren’t even aware of.
For reasons that medical cases are complicated it is very difficult to defend malpractice suits.

Some typical settlements:

$2.7 million (failure to pick up a spinal cord compression in time which resulted in paraplegia)

$725 000 (wrongful death due to failure to detect a heart attack happening)

These can happen in lodges, hotels and camps. You want the SATIB24 doctor on the hook for these risks, not your staff.

Source: Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott LLC – specialist law firm

There is really only one significant thing your “system” needs to do and that is prevent your organization from making mistakes in responding to a critical incidents. Not making mistakes means ensuring the most rational, appropriate response to any situation, anything less than this optimal response is an error.”

Dr. Simon King- Blackplan

What makes it a critical incident?

High Potential for Loss

Limited time to respond

In today’s corporate environment, Directors can be held personally liable and can be charged criminally for negligence in their duties as stewards of their companies. A key responsibility is called “business preparedness” – companies should have a pre-planned system for dealing with critical incidents that may cause harm and loss. This system is referred to as the company’s Incident Management System.

Source: Dr. Simon King

You can learn what you need to learn. And you can build the organizational capacity you need to build.

It is within reach of every business.

SATIB24 is the first step in that direction and helps you do whatever is needed to strengthen and protect your business.

Refer to your SATIB24 Orientation Manual for basic training and development of your staff:

Module 1: What is an Incident Management System?

Module 2: What is a Critical Incident?

Module 3: Roles & Responsibilities

Module 4: Procedures

You will learn in the orientation manual about such tools as Incident Action Plans and Medical Management Plans.

You will learn who should use them and when.

You will also learn how to start creating your own:

Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Team roles

How to choose people for those roles

And other useful skills

Next steps…

After Receiving the Orientation Pack we strongly suggest having one person (think of it as a site champion for this initiative) call us to make personal contact. We can then discuss further needs you might have.

Because further needs may involve visits and equipment and training and workshops and in short, additional costs, we can provide a sensible opinion about whether contracting other providers and incurring cost are useful and advisable to you or not.

We remain your advocate and look after your interests in all ways.


If we have GPL or PAX Liability, are we able to use S24 and if so how?

Yes, any SATIB client can access S24 for any critical incident which can significantly affect their business, assets or Human Life

However be aware that if you do not have specific emergency evacuation or emergency services insurance cover then you may have to pay the costs of other service providers yourself.


Should we call the local emergency services first or should we phone S24?

We strongly recommend that you call S24 first. Not doing so may result in:

  • Errors in care of the patient for which you could be held liable
  • Unnecessary costs incurred which you may not be able to claim back from your/ guest travel insurance.
  • Confusion if we call too, which we see resulting in delays and unsatisfactory experiences.
Yes S24 can activate air evacuation resources if the situation calls for this. However you need to manage guest expectations:

Aviation law states that no aircraft may take off or land at an unlit airstrip after dark or before sunrise.

Can altitude do more harm than good to the patient i.e. are they fit to fly?

Not every case is best managed with a helicopter and a heli is not always available. If it is, we will get it.

Can I access a plane/helicopter through S24 at any time?

The S24 Incident Management Team can activate any appropriate resource in or from any country in Africa. Typical resources include:

Tele-Medical Consultations

Emergency service providers i.e. air ambulance, paramedics, ground ambulance etc.

Legal counsel

Crisis Communication experts

Registered Trauma counselors

Other experts i.e. National disasters teams, repatriation experts etc

What resources can S24 make use of in an event of an emergency incident?

As a rule S24 gets the Travel insurer involved as soon as possible as they would be the primary payers for the medical care of their member. Should they not be involved or notified they may repudiate some if not all the expenses incurred by the guest.

It is not advisable for you to incur costs privately during an incident without the advisement of S24 as you may not be able to get reimbursed for these costs.

If a client has travel insurance, will S24 contact them?

There are back-up numbers to ensure that this does not happen. If for some reason you are unable to get through on the golden number revert to the two back-up numbers.

We always have two managers on standby to take your calls.

Refer to your most recent protocol document for the numbers and do a test call.

What do we do if we cannot get through to S24?

have other questions
Have other questions?
  • Go to
  • It’s a crowd sourced question and answer site. Log in. Ask a question. Propose an answer you think is right to others’ questions. Then look for expert answers from the SATIB24 team.
  • Its about learning from each other…