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S ocial media in hr

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S ocial media in hr. PRESENTED BY bit social media. Cadillac Area Human Resources Association - March 20, 2014. About us. WHO WE ARE. Locally grown utility marketers. Established in 2010, we have worked with 150+ businesses throughout Michigan and beyond. W hat we do.

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s ocial media in hr

Social media in hr

PRESENTED BY bit social media

Cadillac Area Human Resources Association - March 20, 2014

about us
About us


Locally grown utility marketers. Established in 2010, we have worked with 150+ businesses throughout Michigan and beyond.

What we do

Social Media Marketing: Daily Management to consultations across multiple networks. Facebook is our specialty! Web Development & Hosting: Effective & Affordable, local and attentive. SEO & Mobile friendly designs, as we work mainly in WordPress.SEO Services: Ranging from standard site optimization to large aggressive campaigns.

“Let your customers follow you!"

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

p rimary social networks
Primary social networks:

01. facebook

Facebook would be the second most populated country in the world – behind China! 1.31 Billion Monthly Active Users.

02. linkedin

277 Million registered users, globally!

03. twitter

241 Million Monthly Active Users (but almost a billion registered users!)










Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

age breakdown


Twitter skews towards younger audiences, while LinkedIn gains more ground with an older demographic.

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

n etwork breakdown
Network breakdown
  • Main Advertising Platform
  • Integrates w/ all others
  • Largest User Base
  • Pages can msg users
  • Controlling Neg. Feedback
  • Facebook Ads
  • Managing Pages
  • Building Fanbases
  • B2B/P2P Networking
  • Referrals, reccom.
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Building Online Trust
  • Skills endorsement
  • Potential Employees/Employers
  • Live updates, #’s
  • Up-to-the-second
  • Active in Metro areas
  • Wide reach, low trust
  • Partial to spam
  • Offical brand feeds
  • Neg. Feedback
  • linkedin
  • twitter
  • facebook

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

hr overview
HR overview:


Talent management




Talent management



Top talents are drawn to

Businesses with an attractive

online presence.

Creating social and cooperative

work environments

Using social media internally to

build and strengthen ties in the


Controlling the many risks the

new era of social media brings

to business.

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

r ecruiting two way conversion tools

Recruiting: one-way conversion tools

Recruiting: two-way conversion tools


JOB postings


Within the office

Grow & utilize linkedin

Job seekers finding you

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

u sing linkedin to recruit
Using linkedin torecruit:

Original + Creative Designs

High quality materials

User friendly website

Online sales presence

Low start up cost

Ease of entry into the market

New company in a market of established players

The ability to expand into new markets via online sales

Able to extend the product line to include new offers

Ease of entry into the market

Meeting high demand in a short period of time

1. Talent finder

2. Company & career pages

3. Sponsored jobs

Tap linkedin groups

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com


Start In-House!

Recruiting through those you know is faster, and yields better quality candidates than using an ad or job posting.

Because your network is such a valuable resource for your recruiting efforts, invest time to keep those connections alive, &to expand them!

Networking events and meet & greets are difficult to fit in a busy schedule, but when it comes time to hire an employee they can save you a great deal of effort.

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

using facebook to brand for talent
using facebook to brand for talent:

Post Interesting content

Post employee experiences

It’s a long-term investment:

Make them beautiful:

Use a strategic mix of

photos, videos, links

and information to

keep your audience


Let your employees

shine! Show their

contributions and your

appreciation for them.

Facebook is an

everyday tool, many

missed opportunities

cannot be recovered.

Be patient!

Custom cover photo

and graphics, visually

appealing to visitors.

Design career pages

Engage prospective hires

Give prospects insight

No silver bullets!

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

t alent management
Talent management:

Private social networks

Social reputation mgmt

Social performance mgmt

Social learning

#1 – Use Alumni groups for boomerang hiring.

#2 – Join and positively influence conversations.

#3 – Use performance feedback to motivate employees.

#4 – Offers a fun and interactive method of professional development.

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

t eam building
Team building
  • Event Scheduling: Social media enables communication and collaboration on events! Instead of emails, and dozens of responses, create a Facebook group for your event, and follow comments directly. Employees can access information through social media any time, anywhere, at home or at work.
  • Employee Recognition: Announcements traditionally made in a company-wide meetings can be made just as effectively through social media. Publicly recognizing employees, sharing info on positive performances, or introducing new team members.
  • Communications: Social media gives co-workers opportunities to communicate on a personal level; it allows team members to conveniently communicate with each other, in person or as a group, after work hours, bringing them closer together as colleagues.

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

employee training
employee training

1. Create a safe place for employees to share their concerns before going online.

2. Outline what is considered confidential information.

3. Be clear on the consequences of your employees’ online activities relating to your company.

4. Designate a go-to person to answer employee questions about your company on social media.

5. Educate employees and discuss the proper ways to engage with others online.

6. Make sure employees understand what is considered illegal.

7. Reflect the company’s culture.

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

m anaging risk
Managing risk
  • Contrary to popular belief, if controlled appropriately, social media has shown to increase
  • productivity and employee engagement, and foster innovation through collaboration.

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

employee communication
employee communication
  • Your employees are using social media. They’re connecting with friends and brands on
  • Facebook, networking with professional contacts on LinkedIn or following relevant
  • Tweets, all from their computers at work or on their smartphones.
  • Instead of talking at them, talk with them!

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

voice of the employee
voice of the employee
  • As Social Media has matured, so has people’s ability to voice their opinions. This has
  • raised employees’ expectations of how they should be heard.

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com

e mployer branding reputation management
Employer branding & Reputation management
  • You have to look at reputation management as an on-going strategy that you need to invest in before a crisis happens. Present your brand in the best light possible, minimizing risk at every turn.

Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com


We welcome your comments & questions!

contact us
Contact us:

Want to learn more from Lindsey and Will? Drop us a line!










Bit social media, llc bitsocialmedia.com


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