Flower myths
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Flower Myths. By: Maariyah Khan, Ifeoma Morah , Chap Obregon Period: 4. Adonis (god of beauty and desire). Parents: Myrrha and Cinyras , king of Cyprus. He didn’t have a spouse, children, or any siblings but , Aphrodite was his lover.

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Flower myths

Flower Myths

By: Maariyah Khan, IfeomaMorah, Chap Obregon

Period: 4

Adonis god of beauty and desire
Adonis (god of beauty and desire)

  • Parents: Myrrha and Cinyras, king of Cyprus. He didn’t have a spouse, children, or any siblings but, Aphrodite was his lover.

  • He symbolizes the yearly cycle of vegetation because he spent half the year with Aphrodite (above ground) and then the other half with Persephone (underworld).

  • He is half human, therefor he only has super strength.

  • Weakness: Aphrodite

  • He was an attractive young man, whom Aphrodite loved.

  • Adonis’s mother was turned into a tree and he was born from the trunk of the tree. He was killed by a wild boar sent by Artemis because of jealousy.

  • Allusion: The flower is related to the cycle of life and death.


  • Parents: Amykais and Princess Diomede

  • Spouse: Daphne

  • Children: Antheis, Aigeis, Lytaia, Orthaia, and Hyakinthides

  • Symbolizes a lily-shape flower, with either a deep purple or splendid crimson color.

  • No weakeness

  • He has no power (mortal).

  • Beautiful youth, male

  • Zephyr caused his death by using the West Winds to change the course of the discuss. Apollo said, “Oh, if I could give my life for yours, or die with you.” When he died the blood stained grass turned green again, and bloomed the wondrous flower.

  • Allusion: The flower is related to jealousy, and young death.


  • Parents: Cephissusand the nymph Liriope. He didn’t have a spouse, children, or siblings. He looked into a pool of water and fell in love with himself.

  • Symbol: daffodil

  • Power: Beauty

  • Weakness: inability to feel love

  • He was handsome, but unable to feel love for anyone.

  • Nemesis cursed Narcissus to fall in love with his own reflection. Then, Narcissus gradually perished with love and his corpse was transformed into a flower.

  • Allusion: In the book series Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling, a character is named after narcissus; NarcissaMalfoy. She is described to be incredibly vain and arrogant, as Narcissus was believed to be.