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NEPIC Innovation Day Ramside Hall, Durham 15 th November 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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NEPIC Innovation Day Ramside Hall, Durham 15 th November 2011

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NEPIC Innovation Day Ramside Hall, Durham 15 th November 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NEPIC Innovation Day Ramside Hall, Durham 15 th November 2011
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  1. NEPIC Innovation Day Ramside Hall, Durham 15th November 2011 Andy Whiting Email:

  2. What is NORSC ?

  3. NORSC (NORthern Sustainable Chemistry) • New regional initiative, initially between 4 N8 universities: • Durham (CSCP - Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes) • Leeds (iPRD – Institute of Process research & Development) • Newcastle (School of Chemistry and Centre of Excellence in Catalysis and Process Integration) • York (Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, Department of Chemistry) • Further N8 and other northern universities contacted • Lead/contact academics • Durham - Prof Andy Whiting ( & Dr Phil Dyer • Leeds - Profs John Blacker ( & Chris Raynor • Newcastle - Profs Mike Green ( & Mike North • York - Profs James Clark ( & Duncan Macquarie

  4. NORSC aims and objectives • Do things better, by doing them together! • Identify and develop networking, research and teaching opportunities • Develop joint research/collaborations/grant applications/projects • Organise joint scientific meetings (PhD project, academia-industry meetings, major research meetings) • Identify training and education opportunities; work towards joint PG training (distance learning), regional education programmes & skills training • Create dialogues with NGOs, funding councils, regional and national agencies; positively influence research and collaboration agenda

  5. NORSC networking/communication activities • Bringing together researchers, both from academia and industry in areas of catalysis, green chemistry, novel methodology, clean organic synthesis chemistry for energy, i.e. developing wide-ranging sustainable chemical processes • Providing a forum for discussion, research presentations and other joint activities, both academic and industrial • Disseminating information on funding opportunities and coordinating/supporting and assisting new funding applications • Providing an interface for access to expertise and equipment • Creating an environment to engender the formation of new research collaborations • Supporting and creating regional networks and organisations to develop joint activities and collaborations (i.e. DEI and NORSC)

  6. NORSC – survey of capabilities and opportunities • Carried out 2010/11 • Considerable complimentarity between various research groups, centres and institutes • Basis for developing future activities/maximising opportunities • Summary document available for download from respective websites (CSCP, Newcastle Chemistry, etc.) • Thanks to Dr Andy Wells (formerly AZ Charnwood, now Charnwood Technical Consulting – Email: • Supported by METRC (Sam Whitehouse) and N8 (Sarah Jackson)

  7. The NORSC offering High level skills, expertise & experience Biological Chemistry Materials: Synthesis and Structure Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis Theory and Dynamics Inorganic and Materials Chemistry Organic Chemistry Asymmetric Synthesis Physical Chemistry Colour Science Nanoscience Process Research and Development Biomedical and Health Atmospheric Science Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry Structural Chemistry and Spectroscopy Analytical Chemistry Green Chemistry Heterogeneous Catalysis Homogeneous catalysis Inorganic Chemistry Materials Chemistry Protein Structure and Function Optical and Molecular Electronics Marine Chemistry Photochemistry Biofuel Chemistry Biomass Processing

  8. The NORSC offering: synthesis Synthetic organic chemistry Novel synthetic methodology Dynamic combinatorial libraries Novel, greener reagents Novel C-C bond forming reactions Greener and more sustainable chemical technologies Medicinal Chemistry Natural product synthesis High-throughput synthesis Synthesis of chiral compounds Organofluorine chemistry and fluorinated compounds Safe synthesis using highly reactive and hazardous reagents Water- based synthetic processes and water-tolerant reagents Direct (green) amide synthesis Physical organic chemistry Asymmetric transformations Process chemistry In silico route design Synthesis of pharmaceuticals Radical chemistry Radiolabelled compounds PET ligands Imaging Labelled bioactive molecules Radiopharmaceuticals Biological imaging

  9. The NORSC offering: Hetero- and homo- geneous metal, organo and biocatalysis Polymer chemistry/metathesis Supported catalysts Olefin hydroformylation and hydroamination C-H activation/direct borylation Novel bifunctional catalysts Novel catalysis for direct amide formation Catalysis in greener solvents Activation and utilisation of CO2 as a feedstock C-C bond-forming reactions Alkoxycarbonylation Oxidation catalysis Organocatalysis Lewis acid catalysis Metal alkoxides Catalyst immobilisation technologies and recycling methods Supporting homogeneous catalysis Maximising sustainability through efficient catalysis Biocatalysis and bioprocessing Organometallics New ligands and coordination chemistry

  10. The NORSC offering: Green chemistry and materials Liquid crystals – synthesis, characterisation and application. Novel materials Functional nanomaterials and nanoparticles. Dendrimer and supramolecular chemistry Novel coatings VOC-free emulsion polymer coatings Polymer chemistry, greener monomers and polymers Colour and dye chemistry SC-CO2 as reaction medium and novel phase separations/work-up Crystal engineering Physical and analytical electrochemistry Green energy Renewable smart materials and platform molecules from biomass Greener consumer products Improved 1st and 2nd generation biofuels Recovery and recycling of valuable and/or rare molecules and elements Heterogeneous catalysis for biofuels, nanocomposite materials and sustainable oilfield chemistry Fuel cell technologies Hydrogen storage technologies Integrated production of energy and chemicals from biomass waste Biorefining Photochemistry and photocatalysis Photonic and electronic materials Ionic liquids

  11. The NORSC offering: Engineering & technology High pressure chemistry facilities to 5 L & 300 atm Autoclaves (stirred) up to 350 atm Reactors for catalytic studies equipped with IR cells and FTIR Catalytic microreactors High pressure, small volume flow systems (100 atm) Direct fluorination reactors Hydrogenation equipment – flow and batch technologies Batch processing to 50 L (glass vessels equipped for PAT analysis) Microwave reactor systems High pressure supercritical CO2 reaction and extraction facilities (small and large scale) Supercritical CO2 particle formation/crystallisation equipment SC-CO2 chromatography Photochemical reactor systems Automated parallel reactor systems Corrosion analysis Electrochemical plating Fuel cell test systems Gel permeation chromatography In situ paint and polymer degradation by IR analysis In situ electrochemical FTIR spectroscopy Reaction calorimetry Current/voltage/time techniques (voltammetry and a.c. impedance Viscometry Wear analysis

  12. The NORSC offering: summary Unique-multi-university collaboration Highly complimentary skills and expertise Wide-ranging sustainable chemical technologies Project design, management and consultancy High level research services and instrumentation Training opportunities ‘Can-do’ approach to research & development

  13. NEPIC Innovation Day Funding and support: