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Day 2 with the Persuasive Essay PowerPoint Presentation
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Day 2 with the Persuasive Essay

Day 2 with the Persuasive Essay

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Day 2 with the Persuasive Essay

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  1. Day 2 with the Persuasive Essay Welcome Back

  2. Persuasive = Convincing Argument(Sales Pitch) • Complaints • Letter to the Editor • Memo to the Boss • Job in Sales • Working with Customers • Dealing with Vendors How is this useful to me?

  3. Using Persuasive Writing to Sell a Product or Idea

  4. Persuasive Also, One reason, Reason 1 Reason 2 Tell me more. • detail • detail • detail • detail • detail • detail A wireless laptop should be a basic classroom tool for every 21st century high school student. Take your stand. In addition, Reason 3 In summary,, • detail • detail • detail Wrap-up The center box states your position. Three boxes tell reasons why. The last box is the wrap-up.

  5. 4 Square+3+T+V+E E Explanation Examples Experience Remember to pick only one detail from each of the three boxes to Elaborate.

  6. Persuasive Also, One reason, Cost effective Career training • Online textbooks/ • Assessments feedback • Conservation • Techn. • Timely • Higher skills Tell me more. A wireless laptop should be a basic classroom tool for every 21st century high school student. Take your stand. In addition, Motivate In summary,, Wrap-up • Multi-sensory • Interactive • Cutting edge The center box states your position. Three boxes tell reasons why. The last box is the wrap-up.

  7. Hook When was the last time that you spent a day without coming into contact with a computer-related device? You wake up in a climate controlled room, regulated by a pre-set computerized thermostat. The tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air because last night you programmed your Mr. Coffee to perk precisely thirty minutes before your alarm shrilly rang brrrrrring brrrrrrrring at 6:05. You hit a button on your home computer, and instantaneously you learn the temperature and weather conditions, traffic patterns, scheduled activities, and email correspondences for the day. You may even download and print out your lessons! Later, you plan to enter your students’ attendance and grades into a computer at school. For you, as for your students, the computer has become an integral part of your life. A wireless laptop for every student is as vital as a number 2 pencil.Every high school student must have this valuable resource as part of their school supplies because it is cost effective, provides valuable career training, and is highly motivational by today’s multi-sensory visually-orientated global student. Although there is an upfront cost initially, in the long run a wireless laptop is a cost effective educational tool. Stand Thesis Statement Box 1

  8. Information in textbooks can become outdated while Internet websites can be updated with minimal effort. There are thousands of online textbooks that can be accessed in minutes. Websites housing online textbooks in every subject from mathematics to Shakespeare to economics are readily available. Most online texts can be translated into several languages using Babelfish for ELL students. Assessments, given to students using technology, can offer teacher and students immediate and accurate feedback. Imagine the savings in paper, toner, and copy costs if students and teachers used more technology! In addition, technology provides valuable and authentic career training for students. Students can collaborate on assignments instantly with peers via email. Can you think of a job today that does not use email? Teachers can develop technology-supported engaging learning projects that enable students to solve real-world problems, retrieve information from online resources, and connect with experts. Students can develop a mock technology company and use the Internet, scanners, and presentation software to plan and deliver speeches to stockholders. Evidence indicates that when used effectively, "technology applications can support higher-order thinking by engaging students in authentic, complex tasks within collaborative learning contexts" (Means, Blando, Olson, Middleton, Morocco, Remz & Zorfass, 1993). E Box 2 E

  9. Box 3 Most important of all, technology is highly motivating to the 21st century multi-media oriented student. Students can prepare and present homework or project work using multimedia such as power point, charts and graphs, music or video files. Using the students’ preferred learning styles, teachers can use alternate assessments. Special needs and limited English students may be able to more fully participate in mainstream classes using the power of multi-sensory presentation of content. Students can maintain an ongoing electronic portfolio of work that can go with the student from grade to grade or to a different school. High school students may create a multi-media portfolio for work prospects or application to higher education. What could be more engaging to a student? Such innovations are “cutting edge” in education and are appearing throughout the country. Many colleges, such as the University of Tennessee, are requiring education majors to create an online multi-media portfolio. The useful portfolios are looked upon by students with pride and a sense of accomplishment. In conclusion, a laptop computer is a vital tool in education today. Putting a laptop in the hands of our high school students is not only preparing them for a career and life, but it is also motivating. Although the initial investment may be costly, this compact technology will prove to be cost effective in the long run. No student preparing to be a productive member of our technological society should be without one! What would your life be like tomorrow if technology was eliminated along with Mr. Coffee and email? E Wrap Up Punch

  10. Download the final draft of the essay Click Here