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District Writing Initiative

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District Writing Initiative
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  1. District Writing Initiative • Which East Asian country would you most like to visit? What makes that country attractive?

  2. East Asia Review 7 April 2014

  3. 1. Which structure, first constructed during the Qin dynasty, helped to protect the Chinese people from invaders to the north? a. Grand Canal b. Terracotta Army c. Great Wall d. Emperor’s Palace

  4. Which man is associated with the change from an empire to a communist state in China? • Mao Zedong • Chang Kai Shek • Ho Chi Minh • Emperor Hirohito

  5. 2. Which of the following is not a philosophy/ religion found in East Asia? a. Shinto b. Confucianism c. Legalism d. Taoism e. None of the above

  6. 3. Which of the above philosophies/ religions stressed the importance of filial piety? a. Shinto b. Confucianism c. Legalism d. Taoism

  7. Which religion is most closely associated with self-denial, meditation, the “Four Noble Truths,” and nirvana? • Buddhism • Christianity • Judaism • Shinto

  8. 4. What is the origin of the different ideologies on the Korean Peninsula? a. Chang Kaisheek had family who lived in North Korea and provided them with the resources to establish a democratic government b. South Korea invaded the North in the 1930’s causing resentment and the establishment of a resistance movement in North Korea c. The invasion and conquering of the Korean Peninsula by the Chinese prior to WWII d. Aftermath of WWII, the North was supported by the Soviet Union and the South was supported by the USA

  9. 5. Japan has few natural resources, but it has one of the most highly developed economies in the world. What best explains this achievement? a. It imported manufactured goods. b. It developed technologies that can be exchanged for the resources it needs. c. It printed more money whenever living standards started to decline. d. It produced goods and services without using natural resources.

  10. 6. Which of the following are natural hazards that the people of Japan must contend with? a. Tsunamis b. Earthquakes c. Volcanic eruptions d. Typhoons e. All of the above.

  11. 7. Which type of geographic feature served as a barrier that protected ancient China but through which the Aryans found a route to ancient India? • Deserts • Rivers • Mountains • Plateaus

  12. 8. One way in which Confucian teachings, the Ten Commandments, and the Eightfold Path in Buddhism were all similar was that they – • Promoted polytheism • Established equality between men and women • Provided codes of moral behavior • Affirmed belief in one God