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The Halloween Chase

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The Halloween Chase

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  1. TheHalloweenChase By: Julia DeLaney

  2. It’s Halloween day and you have just arrived at school Click here if you go to class Click here if you skip class

  3. You go to Science Class.  Mr. Ruhter looks weird - very pale and zombie like.  He comes at you with a Bunsen burner.  Click here if you run Click here if you see what he wants

  4. Mr. Pratt catches  you.  He throws you into a bottomless pit under the PE boys locker room and you DIE.  Click here if you want to play again

  5. You’ve just escaped Mr. Ruhter.  You are alive, but you’re hungry.  You walk to the cafe.  It’s empty except for Mr. Hoe.  Mr. Hoe is sharpening a knife.  Click here if you enter and ask him to make chicken rice Click here if you wrestle the knife from his hands

  6. You stayed in Mr. Ruhter’s class to see why he was coming at you with the Bunsen burner.  He turns up the flame and starts to burn all the books in the class.  Click here if you help himClick here if you run to tell Mr. Pratt

  7. You asked Mr. Hoe to make you chicken rice.  He hacks you to death with his chicken rice knife and serves you for lunch.  YOU DIE. Click here if you want to play again

  8. You wrestled the knife from Mr. Hoe's hands and just in time because now the lunch ladies are coming after you . They have turned into blood thirst zombies and want to eat your heart. Click here if you try to fight themClick here if you escape on a cart

  9. You go to the Office, but it there is a huge lock on the door.  Click here if you break the glass Or click here if you wait outside the office door

  10. You are waiting outside of the office. A custodian tries to run you over with a floor cleaner. Click here if you take a fire extinguisher and spray him in the face( Click here if you take his mop and hit him over the head with it.

  11. You run as fast as you can to Mr. Hevey’s room. You open the door to find him standing there without a head! Click here if you screamClick here if you try and help him find his head

  12. A band of lunch ladies who have turned to ghouls hear your screams.  They swarm you and eat your heart out. YOU DIE. Click here if you want to play again

  13. You just helped Mr. Hevey find his head. He thanks you by giving you a secret key that he claims will turn the creepy haunted teachers back to normal. Click here if you take the key Click here if you run

  14. You take the key from Mr. Hevey. He instructs you to take it to the incinerator and throw it in. Click here if you take the key to the incinerator Click here if you start to cry

  15. You get to the incinerator. You notice that the key is made of solid gold Click here if you change your mind and keep it Click here if you throw it into the fire

  16.  You throw the key into the incinerator.  The school starts to shake and rumble.  Click here if you go to your locker to get your math homework Click here if you run to the foyer

  17. You’ve made it to the foyer.  Click here if you call your mommy because you are so scared Click here if you call a taxi

  18. You have to go back to the beginning.  Waaaaaaah!

  19. Your taxi pulls up to school and you get in.  You ask the driver if he takes NETS.  When he turns around to tell you, you notice that he is a vampire with bloody fangs.  Click here if you ride with him Click here if you open the door and roll out onto the street

  20. The entire school building turns into a flaming Calderon of molten lava.  YOU DIE!

  21. You’ve rolled out of a taxi.  You are bruised and slightly injured, but you are alive!  YOU WIN!!!