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Richard Chase

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Richard Chase
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Richard Chase

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  1. Richard Chase The Vampire of Sacramento

  2. Background • Richard Chase, born Anthony Richard Trenton, was born on May 23, 1950 in Santa Clara County, California. • Killed six people in Sacramento, California. • In his adolescence he was considered to be an alcoholic and chronic drug abuser. • Had a abusive childhood due to his unstable mother. • At the age of 10, he showed signs of having Macdonald Triad: Enuresis, Pyromanin and Zoosadim

  3. Who? Ambrose Griffin • Chases first victim was Ambrose Griffin. • Griffin was a 51-year-old engineer and father of two from East Sacramento. • Chase shot Griffin in a drive-by shooting on December 29, 1977 • Killed with a .22 caliber hand gun.

  4. Who? Teresa Wallin • Chases second victim • Wallin was 3 months pregnant when Chase killed her. • Broke into her house and surprised her when she came home. • He shot her three times. • After she was dead he then engaged in sexual intercourse with her body, mutilated it, and the drained her blood into the bathtub and bathed in it.

  5. Who? Evelyn and Jason Miroth • On January 27, 1978, just under a month after his first killing, he killed his last four victims. • Evelyn was 38-years-old and a mother of 6-year-old Jason. • He shot and killed both of them. • Chase then again engaged in necrophilia and cannibalism with Evelyn’s body. • Chase took Jason’s internal organs to his apartment.

  6. Who? David Miroth • David was Evelyn’s 22-month-old nephew that she was taking care of that day. • Chase found him and shot him while he was sleeping. • He took some of the boys internal organs with him when he left the house.

  7. Who? Danny Meredith • Meredith was good friends with Evelyn and was over at her house that day. • Chase shot him with his .22 handgun. • Chase then stole the money from his wallet and the keys to his car. • He later used the car to flee from the house when a 6-year-old girl, intending to have a play date with Jason, knocked on the door. • He took Meredith’s body with him when he fled so that he could cannibalize his remains.

  8. Why? • Many think it was due to his childhood and his younger teen years. • His mother and father were always fighting. • His lack of ability to perform sexually with his girlfriends. • His mothers mental and physical abuse. • His drug and alcohol abuse. • He also had a few mental problems throughout his whole life. • But these people never knew him or did anything to him. • He didn’t have a type of person that he liked to kill. He just liked to kill.

  9. Psychological Disorders? • As stated before, he exhibited signs of having Macdonald Triad. • He was also an alcoholic and a chronic drug user. • He also had Erectile Dysfunction due to repressed anger and possibly from his drug abuse. • He was also a Hypochondriac. He was quoted saying “someone had stolen his pulmonary artery.” and that his heart “would occasionally stop beating.” • He was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

  10. Cont. • Macdonald Triad, also known as the triad of a sociopath, is a set of three behavioral characteristics that were originally claimed, if presented together, could be associated with violent tendencies later in life. • Enuresis is the inability to control urination, often while sleeping. • Pyromania is the want or need to deliberately start fires. • Zoosadism, also known as bestiality is the pleasure, sometimes sexual pleasure, from cruelty to animals.

  11. How He Was Caught and What Was His Sentence? • He was caught shortly after his last four murders. • He left behind perfect finger prints and show print in Evelyn’s blood. • They ran his prints though the data base and his name came up because he had be caught with weed earlier in life. • He stood trial in 1979. • In order to avoid getting the death penalty, the defense tried to pled not guilty be reason of mental defect.

  12. Cont. • The judge threw out that defense and so then they tried to get a pleybargon. • Guilty of Second degree murder • Then there would be no death penalty. • The jury found him guilty of first degree murder. • The judge sentenced him to death by gas chamber. • Before he could make it to the chamber, he killed himself by over dosing on his antipsychotic medication.

  13. Misc. Facts • He went to the ER for, what the doctors later diagnosed to be, blood poisoning. • He had injected rabbit blood into his veins • When the doctors found out how he had gotten sick, they had him committed. • He was released from the Mental Hospital because the doctors found him to no longer be a danger to society. • When he got out, his parents had gotten devoriced. • He lived with his mother for a while after being released.

  14. Cont. • He was told to stay on his medication but his mother thought that it made him seem like he was “a zombie” • She slowly took him off of them. • Shortly after that, she told him he had to get is own place. • One day, while visiting his mothers house, he saw a cat. He killed it and drank its blood in the front yard. • His mother heard the cat and saw everything, she did nothing about it.

  15. Cont. Cont. • His car was found on a beach by the police. In the truck was bloody clothes and in the back was a bucket filled with blood and a liver. It turned out to be from a cow. • The cops found him, naked, covered in blood. • No charges were filed.

  16. Pictures His apartment Richard Chase Chase after being caught with weed Evelyn, Jason and David Miroth Teresa Wallin

  17. Article • We will be reading an article “popcorn style” •