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How To: Add a Person PowerPoint Presentation
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How To: Add a Person

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How To: Add a Person
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How To: Add a Person

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  1. Task Definition: Enter a new hire into PennWorks. • In this task – Enter Initial Employment information. This includes: • Biographical Information • Role and Distribution information • Faculty Compensation information (for Faculty only) • Ethnicity information • Steps – From the Navigation panel: • Complete the Find a Person search • Register Penn ID • Add Biographical info • Add Role(s) • Add Distribution(s) • Add Compensation (Faculty only) • Add Ethnicity • Finalize and Save How To: Add a Person Before adding a new person, search the existing database for a match, i.e. Find a Person. Please refer to How to Find a Person for details. To see this in here

  2. Task: Add a Person (cont’d) • After entering the appropriate search criteria, click [Find] • Note the message ‘No records found’ Click on [Add a New Person] to begin the new hire process

  3. Task: Add a Person (cont’d) For an individual who has applied for a SSN, their receipt of application can be used to request a Temporary Number.  Fax a copy of this ‘receipt’ to HR Records. HR will provide a temporary number that can be used in place of the SSN. Click on [Register Penn ID data]to advance to the next screen • To register a Penn ID, enter Name, Birth Date and Social Security Number • A Penn ID number will be assigned automatically

  4. Task: Add a Person (cont’d) Users will be asked to specify whether an employee is a Foreign National, a US Citizen, or a Green Card / Permanent Resident. This field will be required for new hires and rehires, and optional but strongly recommended for biographical updates to existing employees. If Foreign National or Green Card/Permanent Resident is selected, the user will be required to enter Visa information whether the person is new or existing. Click on [Submit] to advance to the next screen Enter the new employee’s Biographical Information

  5. Task: Add a Person (cont’d) Select the School/Center, Role ORG and enter the Job Class Code Leave the Home ORG lock set if only Home ORG users will be able to add a Role Role State can be Final or Projected; a ‘projected’ Role State is used for planning purposes only, i.e. the employee will not receive a payment When you finish adding the Distributions, you would click [Next] to continue with Add Roles/Distributions Clicking [Search] after entering the Job Class Code allows you to continue adding Role details Add Distribution(s) as appropriate; you can add a maximum of 32 Distributions across all Roles Use Open-ended if there is no specifically known end date After you finish adding Role and Distribution data, click [Next] to advance to the next screen [Next] allows you to proceed adding Distributions as appropriate

  6. Task: Add a Person (cont’d) Click on [Next] to advance to the next screen • Faculty Compensation is intended to capture the salary commitment for Standing Faculty, Associated Faculty, and Health System Clinicians regardless of the academic appointment

  7. Task: Add a Person (cont’d) Answer the Ethnicity question Select the appropriate Race Click on [Next] to advance to the next screen

  8. Task: Add a Person (cont’d) Click on [Submit] to finalize • Upon completion, finalize the Add Person process