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Autobiographical Statement. Definition.

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  • An autobiographical statement is a form of writing by an individual of his or her personal history. It is a short writing that is usually required for admission to institutions or for jobs so as to give the admitting committee a chance to learn more about an individual.


  • For getting scholarships

  • Entrance to special programs

  • Getting Hired

3 part statement
3 Part Statement

  • Write about your family

  • Write about your childhood (growing up)

  • Write about your future plans


My name is Jennifer Worthington. I was born in Brooks, Alberta . I moved with my family to Medicine Hat two years later, and have lived there ever since. I have one older sister, Julie and one younger brother, Logan. Having a large family has helped me develop my people skills because it allows you to communicate with others.

While growing up, I enjoyed playing soccer and attending singing lessons at the Cultural Center. I have learned to appreciate musical theater, while also developing and interest in computer programing. I have designed my own website and have been learning basic programming in school. I hope to expand the number of activities I am part of at school. I enjoy being involved. This year I joined the speech and debate club. This had helped me learn to communicate more effectively and respect the differences between people.

I plan to pursue a career in nursing and have been trying to prepare myself by taking first aid classes and volunteering with the St. Johns Ambulance Brigade and at the hospital. I am working hard to develop my team work skills as I know being a nurse will require me to work with a lot of different people. I know that Nursing is very competitive field to get into and if I happen not to succeed, I would like to become an elementary teacher. Basically, I will be happy in any career where I can help people and feel useful.

Consider your a udience
Consider Your Audience

  • Consider your audience and write accordingly.

    • For example:

      • If you are writing a personal statement as part of a graduate school application, you'll probably want to focus on your academic achievements and educational history.

      • If you are writing a statement for a potential employer to see, your focus will be more work oriented and more professional, with a focus on skills, experience and work-related education.

Spell check

  • If there are spelling errors in your statement, it will likely be viewed far less seriously than it otherwise would be.

    • Read through the statement several times

    • Have some proof read your statement

Write your own autobiographical statement
Write Your Own Autobiographical Statement

  • Complete Good Draft Copy:

    • Write about your:

      • Family

      • Childhood

      • Future Plans

    • Include skills that you learned from your personal experiences.

  • ** If completed have fellow classmate edit your work. **

  • Email good draft to: