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E Michael Campbell

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E Michael Campbell
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E Michael Campbell

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  1. E. Michael Campbell authored over 100 publications in major scientific journals

  2. E. Michael Campbell is a well-recognized face among people as an expert in the field of laser and advanced energy research and development and a great scientist in nuclear energy. He has a record of program building, obtaining government funding, providing leadership, recruiting top scientific professionals and increasing revenues and profit margins.

  3. E. Michael Campbell has 30 years of experience in high technology companies. He has won many awards including DOE’s E.O Lawrence award, American Nuclear Society’s Edward Teller Award, American Nuclear Society’s Excellence in Plasma Physics Award among others.

  4. E. Michael Campbell authored over 100 publications in major scientific journals and an equivalent number in classified literature. From his hundreds of publications in major scientific journals one of them was published in 1994 on National Security for his distinguished experimental contributions and for his leadership in inertial confinement fusion and laser-plasma physics.

  5. His publications have been instrumental in advancing the applications of laser-produced plasmas and in bringing the indirect drive, laser driven fusion physics and technology to its current state of technical excellence and promise.

  6. E. Michael Campbell has proven his expertise in the areas of scientific/technical expert in nuclear energy, lasers, plasma physics, electro-optics, energy strategy and policy, visionary/ strategic planning, business development (government and commercial), communications, government relations (legislative and executive branches (DOE, DOD), leadership, recruiting.

  7. E. Michael Campbell is the co-inventor of the Fast Ignition concept, which is now pursued in the United States, Japan and Europe. He was a major participant in the Development of DOE’s Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Stewardship Program (SSP). E. Michael Campbell constructed a technical contract for the Inertial Fusion Program and originated the concept of Virtual National Laboratory,

  8. where a single program office would be the recipient of funds and would manage a multi national laboratory program. From the year 1994 to 1999, E. Michael Campbell was the director of Laser Programs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and managed programs including Inertial Fusion for SSP and Energy Missions, High energy density Physics Research, High Peak Power, etc.