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BCHS Web Page Integration PowerPoint Presentation
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BCHS Web Page Integration

BCHS Web Page Integration

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BCHS Web Page Integration

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  1. BCHS Web Page Integration August 2011 PD

  2. Plan • Goals • Adding and Editing Web Pages • Integrating PowerSchool • Playtime

  3. goals

  4. Goals • This is a guide to show how to use our school web page: • It will show some guidelines about organizing your work. • It will give instructions about how to add and edit pages, documents and multimedia. • It will show how to integrate the web page with PowerSchool.

  5. Adding and editing web pages

  6. Site Map • We all use the same structure. • Please keep it organized, enter your pages in your folder.

  7. Site Map • Organize your files from day one to save yourself a huge headache later. For example I have: 1. Steven Montgomery 2. →Physics 20 3. →Unit 1 3. →Unit 2 2. →Physics 30 3. →Unit 5 3. →Unit 6 • Level 1 is my folder under Teacher Pages • Level 2 are the course I teach/have taught • Level 3 are the units for each course

  8. Adding a page • Enter your page’s name. This will show up in the browser title when you shrink tabs so make it descriptive.

  9. Adding a page • Select Basic Content Page – it is the only option.

  10. Adding a Page • The last option is where to put your page. • If you click on a previous web page (file) it will change the clicked on file into a folder and add the new page in the new folder. • If you click on a previous folder then it will add the file into that folder.

  11. Editing/Making a Web Page • This is based on the word WYSIWYG editor. “Wassywig” – What You See Is What You Get • If you are comfortable you can copy and paste entire pages (minus images) from Word. • Images must be added afterwards which is covered later.

  12. Associate a page with a Staff Biography Each page has the ability to be linked. Associate to Staff Biography, Sports Team, or Extracurricular Activities. That way when somebody accesses your staff biography they will see a list of all of your web pages and be able to navigate to them.

  13. Linking Pages • When you have the link text press the link button then press • To link to a page click the page that you want in the site map shown. If you want to open a document (assignment, for example) click document and then find the document in the folders. To link to multimedia or insert multimedia, obviously click multimedia and find it in the folders.

  14. Integrating Powerschool

  15. Integrating PowerSchool • Link to documents or pages

  16. Integrating PowerSchool • Progress report broadcasts • You can use the school blog to let parents know when you are sending a progress report home. Use the blog and homework reminder to tell parents that you are sending a progress report home. It will show up in the homework for the class or on the front page and lets parents know when you update your blog.

  17. Playtime

  18. PlayTime • Update Courses for homework. • Add a page • Suggestions : Course outline, unit plan, assignment, review questions, list of relevant web sites, etc...