horror films in the 1990 s n.
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Horror films in the 1990’s PowerPoint Presentation
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Horror films in the 1990’s

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Horror films in the 1990’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Horror films in the 1990’s. 1990 Childs Play 2. Child play is an American horror film directed by John Lafia. It was released November 9 th 1990. this film made over £35 million whilst the budget for it was only £13 million. The trailer seems to be not as scary as the film

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Horror films in the 1990’s

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1990 childs play 2
1990Childs Play 2

Child play is an American horror film directed by John Lafia. It was released November 9th 1990. this film made over £35 million whilst the budget for it was only £13 million. The trailer

seems to be not as scary as the film

could be. The trailer tells you nothing about the film what so ever. This trailer is just people falling over that's it. The editing was quite basic just quick cuts no real advanced editing. The trailer duration is 1:24.

Tralier link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ578YDz-sQ

1991 popcorn

Popcorn is a American horror directed by mark harrier. This film was released on February 1st 1991. just over 4 million dollars in the box office. This trailer also has no real story line just like Childs play 2. editing wise it was basic. It was just quick cuts, so this added to the story line not making much sense. this trailer last for 1:45


1992 buffy the vampire slayer
1992Buffy the vampire slayer

Directed by Fran Rubel Kazui Buffy the vampire slayer trailer seemed to be a comedic horror by looking at the trailer. By watching the trailer you understand the story line and get to grips with what the story is about. It doesn't have the real conventions of a normal horror film because it has light hearted humour and some sort of love story.

The trailer lasted 1:42. the editing was really more modern then previous years and also shared a more modern soundtrack. The sound track was another thing that wasn't a horror convention.


1993 evil toons
1993Evil toons

Evil toons is a horror/comedy/animated film directed and written by Fred Olen Ray. By watching the trailer it is clear that this film only had a $140,000 budget. Simple editing and poor acting was apparent throughout. Although this film was a horror the animation in it made the film more funny than scary. Also Evil Toons trailer was really sexual so such in a way it enhanced its comedic effect thus defeating the object of it being a horror film.


1994 brainscan

Brainscan was released on April 22nd 1994 and was directed by John Flynn. This trailer got across the story line really well and fast by using quick short shots of the characters and timing it well with the music. The quick editing was accompanied well with a fast tempo rock song. The rock song connoted rebellion which also tied in with the story line. This trailer also included a wide range shots such as close ups, low angle, long shots. This all helped create a very successful trailer.


1995 texas chainsaw massacre
1995Texas chainsaw massacre

Directed by Kim Henkel the Texas chainsaw massacre franchise is hugely known with in the horror community. This film is a loose remake of the original and has links to the two sequels. It was realised at several film festivals but shelved and re-cut for it then to be re released due to the actors in the film becoming Hollywood stars. The trailer starts off really dark with a voice over. This is effective because its sense of mystery. It fade in and out of shots which also adds to this effect. Later on the trailer becomes more fast past and gripping. The story line is shown more and the editing becoming even faster as the trailer goes on.


1996 scream


Directed by Wes Cavern scream is post modernism American slasher film. The trailer is slow pasted at the start with long lasting shots and then gradually become quicker. The trailer jokes around the horror genre being predictable and insulting through a conversation on the by a character and the killer. Whilst this happening the trailer is showing shots from the film contradict what is being said and has a sense of irony. For example the charters says “ big breasted girls being chased up the stairs by her killer”. But then what is being said is what happening. Which is really ironic. The irony is shown by quick shots of the stereotypes becoming true as the character is saying them. This makes the trailer really interesting and enjoyable.

1997 mimic

Directed by Guillermo del Toro Mimic is a American science fiction horror film which was released on august 22nd 1997. the trailer for this film is very similar to modern day trailers with the editing and sound gradually getting quicker as the trailer goes on. There are a few fade at the start which i found is quite common in modern day horror trailers. With the addition paned shots and long lasting shots. The editing becomes fast and the shot duration decrease. The storyline is clear throughout the film. Science fiction iconology was more clear throughout this trailer. For example the science lab and the concoction of chemicals. Although there very dark urban isolated locations throughout this trailer.


1998 bride of chucky
1998Bride of Chucky

This is the forth instalment into the chucky horror film franchise. Direct by Ronny Yu Bride of Chucky made $50,692,188 in the box. This film was produced on a $25,000,000 budget. It was released on 16th October 1998. the trailer for this film was full of stereotype closely associated with the horror genre. Dark setting, thunder, isolated setting all made for this trailer to look quite scary. Although it lack a real good jump scare, this would of made it more gripping to watch. Over all I think it was an improvement on the previous chucky trailer. The quality of editing was much better a storyline was more visible.


1999 the haunting
1999The Haunting


The haunting was directed by Jan De Bontand was released on July 23rd 1999. it was based on the 1959 novel The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. This film had a huge budget of $80,000,000 and made $177,311,151 in the box office. The trailer for film is exceptional good. The voice over tired in really well with the soundtrack of a jack in the box and children playing. The postproduction editing where the house become a face was done really well. Which tired in with the voice over as it was describing the house as a person. Slow cuts and fades at the start until the house became a face and everything started to pick speed. A basic storyline was shown through the voice over. Dark setting throughout with the iconic colour red and black also used throughout. This is by far my favourite trailer of the 90’s.