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Nefertiti: Egypts Jewel PowerPoint Presentation
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Nefertiti: Egypts Jewel

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Nefertiti: Egypts Jewel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nefertiti: Egypts Jewel. by Jessica and Megan. WHO WAS NEFERTITI?.

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Nefertiti: Egypts Jewel

by Jessica and Megan



Nefertiti was one of only three women to rule Egypt. She was the daughter of Seti the first and married to Akhenaten until the end of her days. She was said to be “the most beautiful of the three.” however, recent findings showed that the people of ancient Egypt wanted to conceal her. Scientists know this because, in Akhenaton's tomb, there were carvings on the walls that showed that there was older carvings underneath that had been purposely eroded. A logical theory would be the people of Egypt were ashamed of having a female queen. They weren’t used to seeing a women on their throne because Nefertiti was the first woman to rule. Following her was the queens Hatcheptsut and Cleopatra.


Why was Nefertiti important?

Nefertiti played a hugely important role in history because she and her husband were the first to believe in only one god. It is because of Nefertiti that we have multiple religions.


Was her mummy ever discovered?

Sadly, no. Nefertiti’s remains were never discovered to the present day, but archaeologists all over Egypt are working on it ferociously. Even though she herself hasn’t been dug up, in Akhenaton’s tomb, a few of her valuables and minor sculptures depicting her face have turned up beneath the sand.


What was she known for?

Nefertiti’s most famous accomplishments are that of what is to follow. For starters, she managed to get herself recognized as the most beautiful and most rarely found in various sculptures that are meant to depict her shapely face. As well as the famous bust known as: “Nefertiti's head” which is displayed in London's British museum. As well as the fact that she’d had the throne because at the start of her rule, she pretended to be a man.


What did she do as queen?

While she reined with her beloved husband, , she gained lots of enemies as well as lots of attention. Even though her tomb remains hidden with her identity, she is the most famous queen ever to rule Egypt. A stele in the tomb of her husband, Akhenaton reads; “She loved and cared for the people and accomplished the rites for Egypt” and she did.


When did she rein?

It is believed by experienced Egyptologists, historians and scientists with varying levels of interest that Nefertiti had been co-ruler of Egypt with her husband. Even though they’re not sure if this is true or not they are positive about how long their rein lasted throughout 1352 B.C. to 1336 B.C.


Thanks to these people!

Thanks to Margie for giving me these great ideas for topics!

Thanks gillie-bean for giving me these great ideas!

Thanks Mrs. Dawson for giving me this assignment!

Thanks to Kirby for telling me to shut the heck up and doe my work because otherwise I wouldn’t have finished this!

Thanks jess, for being my partner on this assignment!

Thanks to the grade 7 curriculum for having Egypt under the socials category



I think that I only had one to put here because I learned all this in grade 5 and that’s where most of this is from.


Thank you for that!