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the mayan jewel n.
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The Mayan Jewel

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The Mayan Jewel
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The Mayan Jewel

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  1. The Mayan Jewel By Matthew Bessant

  2. You are Sir Arcsam Quillians, you are a famous explorer of King George IV. In this adventure you will explore the mysteries of the Amazon Rainforest. Start Your Adventure

  3. The king has ordered you to go and find out if the legends are true about the Mayan Jewel in Southern America. You are boarding the Mane Lagwa, his majesty’s ship to go on your journey. Will you travel East or West? West East

  4. You’ve run into a whirlpool! Solve this riddle to invent a teleporting machine. Click on the correct answer. I have a face, I do not have arms, Yet I have two hands. Just make sure, That the correct answer, Is under where your mouse lands. Brick Clock

  5. Oh, no. You fell in the water and drowned. Start Again

  6. The Island of Doom You have arrived! There is a big coconut tree in front of you. This is a life or death situation, will you climb the tree or go down the rocky beaches? Coconut Tree Rocky Beaches

  7. Rocky Beaches Your legs are in terrible pain, but you have reached the edge of the beach. There are two ways to go: the spooky, abandoned lighthouse or the rainforest full of hungry animals. Where will you go? Spooky Lighthouse Dangerous Rainforest

  8. Spooky Lighthouse Oh, no! The old lighthouse keeper has thrown you out of the window onto the sharp rocks below. Start Again

  9. Dangerous Rainforest You can see the eyes of angry creatures encircling you. It is dark for there are no holes in the trees. In the case you are carrying, there is some meat. This can distract the animals away from you for a while. Figure this puzzle out to get the combination for the case. I am a multiple of 10, I am a multiple of 3, It seems that I have, Two 0’s in me! 30 300

  10. Oh, no. The lion ate you without a second to waste. Start Again

  11. The Centre of the Rainforest You have got away from the terrifying animals. You are in much pain, you need to move along quickly. Will you travel left into the darkness, or right into the light? Dark Light

  12. Oh, no! You fell off on the way up. Start Again

  13. Oh, no! The sunlight came from the open area nearby that was inhabited by a deadly tribe. You were shot with a blow pipe. Hope is not over, solve this puzzle to make a instant relief potion from the plants nearby. Or, if it is to hard for you, click on the start again button. 33 multiplied by six plus sixteen = ? Start Again 214 186

  14. Wrong! Start Again

  15. It is dark all around you, but as you move forward you feel a door handle. You turn it around and open the door… Continue

  16. You’ve found the Mayan Jewel! Well done! Play Again Or press Esc to exit.