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IMMIGRATION 101 Immigration Basics for F-1 & J-1 Students

IMMIGRATION 101 Immigration Basics for F-1 & J-1 Students. Director Wesley Young International Student Advisors Marie Manlapaz Virag Nikolics Alice Rhee Student Services Support Linda Heckert. Overview. F-1 and J-1 Regulations: Immigration 101

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IMMIGRATION 101 Immigration Basics for F-1 & J-1 Students

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  1. IMMIGRATION 101Immigration Basics for F-1 & J-1 Students Director Wesley Young International Student Advisors Marie Manlapaz Virag Nikolics Alice Rhee Student Services Support Linda Heckert

  2. Overview F-1 and J-1 Regulations: • Immigration 101 • Employment Overview and Options • F-1 Employment • J-1 Employment

  3. Wireless Access at UC Davis For more information, visit: wireless.ucdavis.edu

  4. Welcome Packet OrientationSchedule Maps Regulations SocialSecurityApplication PhoneCard

  5. SISSServices for International Students and Scholars Our mission: • Help build campus community • Ensure international students and scholars are an active part of UC Davis Email: siss@ucdavis.eduPhone: 530-752-0864 Ext. 0Fax: 530-752-5822 Website: http://siss.ucdavis.eduAddress: University House One Shields Ave. Davis, CA 95616

  6. SISSLocation Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS)

  7. SISS Services • Assist students with maintaining lawful status in the U.S. • Visa and immigration advice • Prepare and update immigration documents • Workshops, Orientations and Referrals • Financial • Personal • Cultural • Academic concerns affecting immigration status

  8. Immigration Documents and Concepts • Passport • Visa • I-94 • Status • SEVIS • I-20/DS-2019

  9. Passport Passport Validity • SISS recommendation is to keep passport valid for 6 months at all times Passport renewals • May be possible in U.S. at embassy/consulate of country of origin Travel • Valid for 6 months at time of re-entry to U.S.

  10. U.S. Visa Visas can only be issued outside the U.S. at U.S. Embassies/Consulates

  11. I-94 Card Admission number Entry status Duration of Status Use the same name (passport name) on all documents!

  12. Visa vs. Status • Visa • Entrydocument • Can stay in U.S. after visa • expiration • Must be valid for re-entry in U.S. • Status • Begins with entry in U.S. • I-20/DS-2019 must not expire • Remember I-20/DS-2019 end date Entry status

  13. What is SEVIS? Port of Entry UC Davis ICE SEVIS • Live web-based database • Maintains information on all F-1 and J-1 international students in the U.S. Embassies/Consulates

  14. SEVIS I-20: Page 1(F-1 Students) SEVIS ID # Entry Stamp IssuanceReason Degree Level Field of Study Program Dates Financial Information Your name, signature See your SISS advisor for any changes!

  15. SEVIS I-20: Page 3(F-1 Students) SEVIS ID # Travel Signature

  16. SEVIS ID # SEVIS DS-2019 (J-1 students) Entry Stamp Program Dates Degree Level Field of Study Financial Information Your Signature Travel Signature

  17. Lost/Stolen Immigration Documents Important to make copies: • I-20/DS-2019 • I-94 • Passport biographical page • U.S. visa stamp Keep a copy with you and in a safe place Report loss to Police Department and SISS immediately

  18. International Student Regulations Students are responsible for their immigration status!

  19. Check-In with SISS Responsibilities Student SISS policy requires students to check in within 15 days of arrival: • Bring copies: • I-20/DS-2019 • I-94 card • Passport • Provide • Local U.S. addresssisweb.ucdavis.edu SISS SISS reports in SEVIS that students have arrived at UC Davis

  20. Keep Contact Information Current Students can change their information in SISWEB: • Email address • Phone number • Address - must be the student’s physical address Addresses not acceptable for immigration: • P.O. Box • UC Davis academic department • Foreign (not in U.S.) Students must inform SISS within 10 days of address change!

  21. Click on Personal Information Click on update Address(es) and Phone(s)

  22. To update an existing address, click the “current” link next to Mailing/Current Address and Phone Update Address/Phone Click Submit

  23. Maintain Full-Time Enrollment F-1 and J-1 students are required by immigration to pursue a full course of study every quarter during the academic year at UC Davis • 12 Units = Full-Time • Academic Year = Fall, Winter and Spring

  24. Exceptions to Full-Time Enrollment • Medical • Limited academic difficulty • Last quarter before program completion • Approved graduate research Exceptions are allowed only with prior approval from SISS

  25. Request a Program Extension • You must request an extension of your I-20 or DS-2019 BEFORE the program end date • Always remember your program end date • I-20: see #5 on page 1 • DS-2019: see #3 on page 1 • Extension requires: • Academic or graduate advisor’s approval • New proof of financial support

  26. Important Reminders • Contact your International Student Advisor if: • You decide to withdraw from UC Davis • You are dropped from classes for non-payment • You are dismissed from UC Davis for unsatisfactory academic performance • These can have serious consequences on your immigration status in the U.S.

  27. SEVIS Transfer • Accepted at another school in U.S. • Contact International Student Advisor at new school • Notify SISS International Student Advisor • Transfer immigration (SEVIS) record to new school • Get new I-20/DS-2019 from new school

  28. Dependents • Dependent derives status from student F-1 → F-2 • F-2 Dependents: • Require I-20’s • Cannot work • Cannot attend school (with the exception of children K-12) • Should not remain in the U.S. without the F-1 student

  29. J-2 Dependents • J-2 dependents require DS-2019’s J-1 → J-2 • J-2 spouses can apply for work authorization • J-2 dependents should consult with an SISS advisor if interested in attending school (with the exception of children K-12 who are eligible to attend school) • Dependents should not remain in the U.S. without the J-1 student • J-2’s are required to have health insurance in the U.S. International Spouse Reception October 1, 10-12 a.m. at University House (SISS) Register via email sissevents@ucdavis.edu

  30. Employment F-1 and J-1 Employment Sessions after this presentation Important information on on-campus and off-campus employment

  31. Social Security Cards A social security card is required for employment. • Can only apply if received job offer • To apply, students must bring the original and a copy of the following: • SEVIS I-20 or DS-2019 • Passport with your U.S. Visa • I-94 Card • Social Security Application • Social Security Verification letter from SISS • Job offer letter

  32. Social Security Form Always use the same name (passport name)!

  33. Social Security at Davis Senior Center WHEN? Wednesday, October 21 Starting at 9 a.m. First-come-first-serve basis WHERE? Davis Senior Center 646 A Street, Davis, CA 95616

  34. Social Security Office Location Nearest Social Security Office: West Sacramento Location: 825 Riverside PkwyWest Sacramento, CA 95605 Remember to take ALL necessary documents!

  35. SISS Authorization for Travel Documents required for travel: • Valid passport – must be valid for 6 months at time of re-entry • Valid F-1 or J-1 visa • Valid I-20 or DS-2019 authorized for travel by SISS (signature must be less than 6 months old). • SISS must also sign J-2 and F-2 dependents’ documents for travel

  36. Travel Signature Request from SISS • Travel signature on document • I-20, page 3 • Validity • 6 months • No need to request new one if traveling again within 6 months • Request from SISS • Bring I-20/DS 2019 to SISS at least 5 days BEFORE departure • Purpose • Only required for travel outside the U.S. • Reminder: U.S. visa and passport must be valid at re-entry to U.S. • DS-2019, page 1

  37. Departure Contact your International Student Advisor if you are going to depart the U.S. SISS needs to report in SEVIS student’s departure

  38. Case Studies Take a look at some common situations that you might experience at UC Davis.

  39. Case Study – EzraVacation during the Academic Year • Ezra is in J-1 status in her first year of her Ph.D. program. • Ezra’s family is going to visit her from Turkey. • She would like to take a quarter off to travel the U.S. with them. Is this possible in her status?

  40. Ezra – AnswerTravel during the Academic Year • Ezra could take time off in the summer. • She must be registered for 12 units every quarter during the academic year to maintain her immigration status.

  41. Case Study – BeatrizAcademic Difficulty • Beatriz is not doing well in one of her classes • Her professor advised her to drop the class • She needs this class to graduate • She thinks that it must be fine to drop the class because her professor suggested it • If she drops the class then she will only have 9 units Is it o.k. for her to drop the class because her professor suggested it?

  42. Beatriz – AnswerAcademic Difficulty • OPTIONS: • Take a failing grade rather than drop the class. • May be eligible for underenrollment due to academic difficulty.

  43. Case Study – ChenProgram Extension • Chen is in his fourth year at UC Davis • He needs at least one more year to complete his academic program • His I-20 expires in 60 days • He is concerned he will lose his immigration status • He doesn’t know who to contact and what to do What should he do next?

  44. Chen – AnswerProgram Extension • Chen must apply for I-20 extension BEFORE I-20 expiration date • Contact SISS advisor about extension process • Get academic advisor’s/professor’s approval • Submit I-20 extension request form with new financial support documents to SISS • SISS advisor will issue new I-20

  45. Case Study – YuliyaSEVIS Transfer • Fall Quarter 2008 – Completed quarter at UC Davis and decided to continue studies at Sacramento City College • Winter Quarter 2009 – Began full-time studies at Sacramento City College • Did not notify International Student Advisor at SISS to transfer I-20 • Fall Quarter 2009 – readmitted to UC Davis What is her immigration status now?

  46. Yuliya – AnswerSEVIS Transfer • Yuliya should have spoken with an advisor at SISS before beginning studies at new school. • She no longer has a valid immigration status. • She must leave the U.S. and make a new entry with a new I-20.

  47. Case Study – MustafaVisa Renewal • PhD in Chemical Engineering • He wants to attend a conference in Spain during summer • His visa has expired • He has heard that it is easy to get a visa in Mexico How can he apply for a new visa?

  48. Mustafa – AnswerVisa Renewal • IMPORTANT: • First, Mustafa should meet with his international student advisor to consider his options. • CONSIDERATIONS: • Applying for a U.S. visa in his country or a third country. • Mustafa’s major is considered sensitive. • May experience delays and difficulty. • REMINDER: • He should check with embassy/consulate of destination • country if visa is required based on his citizenship.

  49. Case Study – PetraFinancial Difficulty • Petra’s family had enough money to pay for her education at UC Davis • Her family’s business went bankrupt and her family now cannot pay for her studies • Petra would like to continue her studies at UC Davis What are her options?

  50. Petra – AnswerFinancial Difficulty • Petra should first meet with her International Student Advisor OPTIONS: • Loans available to international students • Petra may be eligible to apply for off-campus employment authorization based on economic hardship (more information in SISS Employment Workshops) • Withdrawing from academic program

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