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American History Immigration 1865-1896 PowerPoint Presentation
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American History Immigration 1865-1896

American History Immigration 1865-1896

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American History Immigration 1865-1896

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    1. American History Immigration 1865-1896

    2. Europeans Plenty of jobs Few immigration laws Avoid forced military service Religious persecution Chance to move up the social ladder Ethnic cities Came through Ellis Island

    3. Asians 1850, the Taiping Rebellion took the lives of 20 million Chinese Central Pacific Railway Settled in western cities Angel Island

    4. The Resurgence of Nativism Feared Catholics Unions opposed Immigrants would work for less Strikebreakers Two organizations against immigrants American Protective Association Workingmans Party of California

    5. Congress Passes New Immigration Laws 1882 federal law Banned convicts, paupers, and the mentally disabled from immigrating to the US $.50 per head Chinese Exclusion Act 1882-1943 Barred Chinese immigration Prevented the Chinese in America from becoming citizens

    6. Urbanization Americans migrate to the cities New Urban Environment Skyscrapers (pg 342) Mass Transit Separation by class High society Middle-class gentry The working class

    7. Urbanization Urban problems Crime Violence Fire Disease Pollution Urban politics Political machines-took over where govt. hadnt Party bosses-George Plunkitt (pg 345) Graft and fraud Tammany Hall-the New York Democratic political machine

    8. The Gilded Age A changing culture 1873 Mark Twain & Charles Warner Individualism Horatio Alger rags to riches novels Social Darwinism Survival of the fittest as applied to business Churches argued against evolution (somewhat) Andrew Carnegie-Gospel of Wealth (pg 933)

    9. The Gilded Age Realism Art Thomas Eakins-day to day life of people Literature William Dean Howells 1885-The Rise of Silas Lapham Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain Huckleberry Finn Henry James 1881 Portrait of a Lady Edith Wharton The Age of Innocence

    10. The Rebirth of Reform Social Criticism Henry George Progress and Poverty Idea of taxing land holders Reform Darwinism-people can think ahead and make plans to produce the outcome they desire Based on book written by Lester Frank Ward Dynamic Sociology Edward Bellamy-Looking Backward, 2000-1887 Socialistic society in 2000 Naturalist writers Failure in life is sometimes caused by circumstances beyond our control Stephen Crane Frank Norris Jack London Theodore Dreiser

    11. The Rebirth of Reform Helping the urban poor The social gospel Worked to better conditions in cities according to the biblical ideals of charity and justice The Salvation Army & YMCA Revivalism & Dwight L. Moody Help the poor by redeeming their souls and reforming their character The Settlement House Movement

    12. The Gilded Age Popular Culture The saloon Amusement Parks and Sports Coney Island Boxing, baseball, football Vaudeville and Ragtime Scott Joplin king of ragtime 1899 The Maple Leaf Rag