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Monopoly!. Game, competition, control. Competition!. Contest between firms or people to sell goods and services. Business Competition. Leads to competitive prices!. Invisible Hand!. Competition acts as an “invisible hand” that helps regulate/control the market place. Competition.

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Game, competition, control

  • Contest between firms or people to sell goods and services
business competition
Business Competition

Leads to competitive prices!

invisible hand
Invisible Hand!
  • Competition acts as an “invisible hand” that helps regulate/control the market place
  • What happens when we take away competition and there is only ONE company?
what is monopoly
What is Monopoly?
  • A Game…
  • Monopoly=
    • Mono= one
    • Poly= seller
  • A market where a single seller has control
to get a monopoly
To get a Monopoly:
  • You must own all or most of a company to have a monopoly.
    • Then they have control over that product
      • Leads to increased prices
      • EXAMPLE: Wii and PS3
playing monopoly
Playing Monopoly
  • Object of the game:
    • become the wealthiest player
    • Do this by buying, renting, and selling property.
the bank
The Bank
  • Holds all the money and property
    • At the beginning of the game, all business is done through the bank
      • MONOPOLY
  • Collects all taxes, fines, loans and interest, and the price of properties sold
during the game
During the Game
  • Roll the dice
  • Move your piece around the board
  • Buy property, follow directions, and collect $200 when you pass GO
buying property
Buying Property
  • If you land on un-owned land =, you may buy this land
  • You will pay full price