measures taken by nhai to manage emergencies n.
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Measures taken by NHAI to Manage Emergencies - Highway Traffic and Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Measures taken by NHAI to Manage Emergencies - Highway Traffic and Safety

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Measures taken by NHAI to Manage Emergencies - Highway Traffic and Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NHAI’s initiative of incident management system will help in the assessment of traffic position at the specific locations of National Highways and it would help the authorities to take adequate action thereupon. \nFor more details please visit :\n

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measures taken by nhai to manage emergencies

Measures taken by NHAI to Manage Emergencies

Though the National Highways in India constitute about 1.7% of roadways, the volume of

traffic they carry is around 40%. That’s the reason they are referred as the arterial networks of

the country. They facilitate traders and commuters with easy and smooth navigation. The onus of

providing a seamless travel experience to the Highways’ users lies in the hands of Highways

Operation Division of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). Under the Aegis of the

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the NHAI is living up to its responsibilities by

reinventing itself.

The NHAI, which is entrusted with responsibilities like Construction and maintenance of

National Highways, has been paving ways for the technology to absorb inefficiencies and solve

redundant problems.

The highways have been infamous for numerous reasons like accidents, theft, etc. Though the

network of Highways is less in length, it is still witnessing 34% of total road accidents in a year.

In order to mitigate accidents and curb the fatality rate, NHAI has started implementing a slew of

measures that are reaping positive results.

Following are the measures that were taken by the Highways Operation Division of NHAI,

which is headed by Mr Akhilesh Srivastava, CGM (IT & Operations), NHAI.

Advance Emergency Traffic Incident Management System: The NHAI is in the process of

establishing this system at a pan Indian scale. Through this world-class incident management

system, highways will be facilitated with the ambulances, cranes, patrolling vehicles through

which the worse situations can be taken into control. A 24X7 National Highways Helpline –

1033 has recently been launched by the NHAI, where Highway commuters can report their

issues and get their problems solved.

Wayside Amenities: Not only physical but also the mental state of a commuter has its say in

making travel seamless. Many a time, lack of proper sleep and rest leads to accidents. That’s one

of the reasons, why NHAI has come up with Wayside Amenities mega-plan and introduced

Highway Nests (MINI), Highway Villages, Highway Nests under it. These amenities will

provide all the basic facilities for the highway commuters and eliminate the fatigue-related


The NHAI is yet to unfold many other ideas and the journey on National Highways is definitely

going to be much more seamless in the coming days.