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What is an Inspector Toolkit? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is an Inspector Toolkit?

What is an Inspector Toolkit?

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What is an Inspector Toolkit?

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  1. What is an Inspector Toolkit? A digital shared folder easily accessible to all inspectors with all official documents. A digital technical guidance library.

  2. The digital folders are arranged in Inspector Toolkit in descending order of legal importance so a PDF full search of the toolkit will structure search results “legally.”

  3. Comprehensive Toolkit Search • Start with the first folder & first document (aviation law) • Open that first document. • Start search • Browse to Toolkit folder • Enter word(s) or regulation to search • After overall search results open document list • Page through each listing

  4. Search Hierarchy of Documents A. Primary Aviation Law B. Civil Aviation Regulations) C. Inspector Technical Guidance D, Advisory Circulars E. Forms & Applications F. Job Aid Checklists G. Standard Letters H. ICAO Reference Documents I. Other CAA O Reference Documents J. Training Presentations K. Superseded Documents

  5. 8 Critical Elements of Safety Oversight • Law • Regulations • CAA Infrastructure • Qualified Inspectors • Technical Guidance • Certification/Licensing • On-Going Surveillance • Resolution of Concerns The Inspector Toolkit concept can provide clear evidence that 3 of these elements have been implemented by the CAA.

  6. Accessible Location Official copy of Inspectorate guidance & reference materials; Housed in CAA Server; Available on CAA Intranet The inspectors may download files to their computer or print in hard-copy. Such action changes the status from an “official” copy to an “unofficial” copy;

  7. “Official” Documents Revisions or additions to the official documents in the Inspector Toolkit may occur several times during the year; At that time, a global email notification is provided to the workforce. Your Network Administrator will set up access to the Toolkit.

  8. Your current regulations should be placed in this folder using our file name protocols..

  9. Regulations Example of searchable regulation file name Indexing?

  10. We provide a body of technical manuals tailored to your CAA complexity.

  11. Example of technical manual digital filing protocol. Technical Guidance Starting Package: 14 Manuals 2 Bulletins

  12. All CAAB manuals will be developed into a “system of digital manuals.” Body of Manual Each manual has a auto-gen LEP Each manual has a auto-gen TOC Each manual has a auto-gen Index Proper use of the databases is incorporated into the manual system

  13. We provide a body of advisory circulars tailored to your CAA complexity.

  14. Example of advisory circular digital filing protocol. Advisory Circulars Starting Package: 70+ Circulars

  15. We provide forms that have been necessary for CAA oversight.

  16. Example of forms digital filing protocol. Forms & Applications Starting Package: 50+ Forms & Applications 5+ embedded

  17. We provide a body of job aid checklists to accomplish key functions. We are presently in a project to make these checklists digital through a mobile app.

  18. Example of job aid checklist digital filing protocol. Job Aids Smart Phone App? Starting Package: 130+ Job Aids

  19. We provide a folder of standard letters keyed to specific manuals and chapters.

  20. Example of standard letter filing protocol (PEL=PEL Manual, 010B=Chapter 10/2nd letter). Standard Letters Starting Package: 40+ Standard Letters

  21. Implementation Training • Extensive training re the Toolkit contents • Includes CAA policies, procedures • Include completion of database records • The instructor guides, lesson plans, exercises and presentations are also available.

  22. Inspector Toolkit • Available to all inspectors on a CAA Intranet • Contains all CAA reference documents arranged in hierarchal folders • Globally PDF searchable • Where possible, formatted for Quick Reader Comprehension (QRC). • The use of the CASORT database for records in embedded in the technical guidance.